22 FREE Santa & Mrs Claus Training Sessions Available for the Remainder of 2020

This year we’ve seen thousands of “Ambassador’s of the Christmas Spirit”, Santa & Mrs. Claus Portrayal Artists, reach-out to raise spirits worldwide.

During that same time, we’ve transformed The Santa Claus Conservatory school for Claus portrayal artists into the Worldwide Santa Claus Network.

So far in 2020 the Worldwide Santa Claus Network website has averaged 156 visitors per day with visitors coming from 93 countries. The top 4 countries are the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

In the Spring I decided to do all I could to help Santa & Mrs. Claus Portray Artists prepare for what was to come in this pandemic year. We started with 3 Worldwide Santa Claus Summits that featured dozens of presenters. Hundreds of Clauses attended these sessions live and many hundreds more have watched the replays.

As the year progressed I hosted sessions on “How to Conduct Virtual Visits, including a session featuring Santa Chuck Plant who had provided more than 400 free Virtual Visits during the early days of the pandemic.

More recently I hosted sessions on Conducting Interviews with the Media Interviews, Being A Claus For Those With Special Needs, Being Mrs. Claus, and many others, here’s the entire list of sessions and other assets available to our FREE Members: 

  1. Media Interviews: Do’s & Dont’s For Santa & Mrs. Claus 
  2. Being A Claus For Those With Special Needs
  3. Virtual Visits 1, 2 & 3
  4. Being & Working With Mrs. Claus 2020
  5. Santa Chuck Plant Talks About The 400+ Virtual Visits
  6. Using OBS To Create Video Backgrounds & Using Stream Deck
  7. Virtual Visits: Storytelling, Scripting, Packaging & Pricing
  8. 2020 Improv For Clauses
  9. Beard Whitening & Grooming
  10. Working with Designer Beards with Thomas Sheerin
  11. Being A Claus For Those With Special Needs
  12. Being & Working With Mrs. Claus
  13. Virtual Visits 101
  14. Claus Coffee Klatch
  15. OBS For Video Chats & Messages
  16. Worldwide Santa Claus Summit II 2020
  17. Worldwide Santa Claus Summit II 2020
  18. Worldwide Santa Claus Summit I 2020
  19. Santa’s Video Set Set-up 
  20. 101 Questions From Children W/Answers
  21. Santa For Those With Special Needs 
  22. 18 Tips Sessions For An Extraordinary Season
  • Engagement Agreement 
  • Discount Code For Backdrop
  • Santa Resource Center

ALL of these sessions and resources are available now FREE. I know several Santas are saying these sessions have helped them ‘redeem’ the 2020 season, with some saying they’re expecting to serve more families and increase their income this year, others are applying what they have learned in these sessions to expand their impact with not-for-profits.

Login now to access all of these sessions- https://worldwide-santa-claus-network.com/

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