MRS. CLAUS (whether you wear the outfit or not)

REAL magic of the Christmas Spirit, takes many forms, it’s not just parents giving gifts to children, or just people who dress up as Santa… it’s many people, doing many things… and most of them NEVER wear a Santa suit… but they definitely ARE Santa Claus.

The way I see it, Santa Claus is NOT a person, Santa Claus is an avatar made from the BILLIONS of people worldwide who come together to keep the Christmas Spirit alive, well, and expanding…

and this network is for all of them.


By embodying the 'Christmas Spirit’ we increase the positive impact we have on the people we interact with directly and our community in general.

By building the awareness of Santa & Mrs. Clauses’ ability to make local personal appearances and provide video messages we will increase the impact that the Claus's & the Christmas Spirit have on communities across the country and around the world.

Through personal & professional development we can increase the positive impact we have in every situation… and that is our vision.


"I love Christmas-time, & yet,
I notice this, each year I live;
I always like the gifts I get,
But how I love the gifts I give."
- Carolyn Wells

Santa & Mrs. Claus are the manifest reality of BILLIONS of people worldwide sharing a belief and it's their combined heart, soul, caring, compassion & generosity that IS the "Christmas Spirit".

We're committed to fostering & building on this amazing, worldwide, generational, legacy of love & light. billions

Intro Session Recorded 03-02-20

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Santa - Mrs. Claus Benefits

Santa - Mrs. Claus Membership in the Worldwide Santa Claus Network is open to all individuals who portray or perform as Santa or Mrs. Claus at any level.

Benefits for Santa - Mrs. Claus Members are geared toward those things that assist in promoting Santa Claus portrayal/performance, increasing proficiency in the trade, improving business skills, encouraging networking opportunities and providing general exposure for the member's business and products.

As one of the most important benefits, members have the opportunity, through our private forums, to both learn from and share experiences with fellow members.


Is Portraying Santa Claus Right for You?

Many of those who portray Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus say it’s the most fun ‘job’ they ever had… in fact, most make some appearances each year pro-bono.

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Learning The Basics

Learn the basics about portraying Santa or Mrs. Claus including ways to earn money while having a ton of fun.

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Doing Good as Santa

Santa & Mrs. Claus are ‘do-gooders’… and you can help them. Learn how to have fun & serve others through your Santa portrayal.

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Starting The Santa Season

What do you do have fun, be fun and provide children & families with lasting memories? Learn ways to get your season off to a great start and strong close.

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Be Part of a Network of Dedicated Santa & Mrs. Claus Portrayal Artists Who are Committed to Perpetuating & Expanding the Spirit of Christmas

While we're a network, not a school, you will learn many ways to increase the demand for YOUR services as Santa Claus... whether you're a paid Santa, 100% volunteer Santa or do some of each.

'Santa' Ed Taylor - Founder

Learn how to becoming an extraordinary ‘sought-after’ Santa or Mrs. Claus portrayal artist .

Being able to network with & learn from Santas with different backgrounds & experiences 24/7 from your home or phone.

Of course experience IS the best teacher, but it doesn’t have to be our own experience. 


What Santas & Mrs. Clauses Have to Say

As a brand new Santa I was both excited and a bit overwhelmed at the coming season and quickly realized there was a LOT that I didn't know and needed to learn about. So many resources, but where to start?

While Googling I came across Ed Taylor’s session “101 Questions for Santa Claus with Answers”.


Santa Ed thank you for sharing all of the information you share… you have given me answers to questions I didn’t even think to ask… THANK YOU!
Dale Dimas
From San Jose, CA, USA
I appreciate your concern and desire to help all Santa’s to learn and share about being the best Santa possible.

Your lessons are well done and provide excellent insight into lots of various opportunities for the Santa and Mrs Claus community.

Thank You for your concern, desire, and professionalism.
Santa Duffy
Suffolk, VA, USA
Your influence on my life has been transformative, and probably have had as much positive impact as any other person in my adult life.

Between Hello Santa, the lessons you offered, the generous time you've given for all sorts of advice both within and outside of being Santa, directing me toward a gig that both consumes all of my Santa work *and* will likely become where I will live in a couple of years....

Brother, what haven't you done? Oh, also thanks!
Michael Sheinbaum
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA
The information you provide is insightful and very helpful.

It's reassuring that you have Santa experience and know the kind of issues we should be aware of.

And the way you deliver the information is like talking with a friend. A friend with knowledge, experience, and a direct approach.

Thank you Santa Ed for all you do in the Santa community.
Tom Stokes
Pinnacle, North Carolina, USA

Become a Member Today!

1 Year Membership is only $67…

Santa & Mrs. Claus Portrayal Artists get our very cool “Member” web badge that you can use as long as you keep your membership active. You can also order your T-Shirts. 

If you DO NOT wear a Santa suit get your FREE personalized video from Santa Claus. 

Membership Will Re-Open Q1 2020

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