About the WSCN

The Worldwide Santa Claus Network serves the International Santa Claus Community.

The Santa Claus Community is diverse, encompassing up-and-coming professional Santas & Mrs. Clauses, established Santas working in retail locations, working with photo companies, working with agents, Santas making home, company & public appearances.

WSCN also serves vendors who provide products and services to the Santa & Mrs. Clauses, and the general public who love the presence of Santa & Mrs. Claus.

'Santa' Ed Taylor - Founder
Lori Taylor - Co-Founder

Our Story

The WSCN provides a wide range of information and resources for those who portray (or want to portray) Santa or Mrs. Claus. (In the spirit of full-disclosure & total transparency, Ed & Lori Taylor the founders of this Network, are also the founders & proprietors of The-Santa-Claus-Conservatory.com)

For materials and supplies, check Vendors. For articles, videos and podcasts about all aspects of making and selling handcrafted products, see the How-To Library. In particular, check out WSCN Radio which has podcasts on subjects of interest, and the Extraordinary Santa eZine.

Meet Some of Our Contributors

Santas & Mrs. Clauses share their experiences and expertise.

Joe 'Santa Jeaux' Pridgen

Santa Jeaux first appeared as Santa in the mid 1970s at the annual Christmas party for his church and he continued those appearances until 2009. His first paid performances were in December of 1999, and he began his career as a full-time real-bearded Santa in 2011.

Santa Jeaux presented his “101 Questions for Santa & Their Answers” session for members of The Santa Claus Conservatory and the session is now available for WSCN members’on-demand’.

Mark Ramsey

Mark & his family founded Secret Santa Charities to help families and the homeless during Christmas. 

Using donations and monies raised through activities, families and the homeless are provided with food, clothing and even toys they least expect. At a time when hope is often at its lowest, these people magically receive a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Amazingly, the food is just what they need, the clothes fit and for kids, the toys are just what they always wanted. 

(Thanks to our Elves at local Food Banks, Charities and Social Services who refer them.) 100% of your donation goes out to the community thanks to an unnamed family who covers all of our overhead.

John & Helen Scheuch

Santa-America, founded in 2003, brings the highest quality Santas together across America to focus on our special mission: an unhurried visit by a loving, committed, trained, back-grounded Santa to families facing physical and emotional crisis.

Individual Santas have been visiting children on a local basis for years. Santa-America brings these points of light together into a true national effort.

Santa-America is composed of compassionate volunteers of great heart representing the highest Santa standards.

Santa volunteers support local hospices and children’s hospitals in their hometowns.

Santa receives special training in federal and state patient privacy regulations.

Santa-America is fully HIPAA compliant and respects patient and family privacy.

Santa-America is a member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and Children’s Hospice International (CHI).

Dutch Schrap

We started in the Fall season of 2012 with an email from a Friend asking Santa for a visit to one of their Friends. Their Friend, a very good Dad, had Stage 4 Brain Cancer. He had an amazing Wife and a beautiful 6-year-old daughter. 

Our Friend wanted to provide them something special that Christmas season – a visit from Santa Claus. The future was uncertain for them and we hoped for a miracle, but how could we let this family have a less than an awesome holiday?

We shared some ideas and we posted a simple message of help to our Facebook friends. We wanted to get a few gifts and some gift cards. We had no idea what was about to happen. We had received so many promises of help, so many words of encouragement, and so many ideas. 

What started as a simple home visit from Santa, snow-balled into a huge surprise visit from Santa with his bag overflowing with gifts and maybe more! We have heard from people that we have never met, we have heard from businesses and close friends, we have heard from fellow Santa Portrayers and everyone in between. We are forever grateful to all of you.

Over the years, we have always had a passion to help people in any way we could. We believe we have now found a true avenue to do this during the holidays and hope to continue it forever.

Operation Nine Reindeer was born.

Watch the Numbers Grow in 2020







What Santas & Mrs. Clauses Have to Say

I am blown away at the depth and, more significant, the care and concern Santa Ed shares with us. I am excited about my future.
Gary "Inner Banks Santa" Lico
Edenton North, Carolina, USAFrom Dallas, USA
Santa Ed's philosophy of Santa and the art of being Santa is spot on in my opinion and matches my own.

I was pleased with the knowledge and expertise that was shared here and was glad to have been able to have found this resource. It really helped me avoid some potential mistakes and think about who I am as Santa.

Because of that I was better prepared than I would have been without the course materials.

Thank You Santa Ed!"
Richard Hudson
Austin, Texas, USA
I have learned more than I ever thought I would. Additionally, through that learning, I have come up with more and more questions which will cause me to continue to learn.

There is so much more to being a “professional” Santa that anyone could ever imagine. Santa Ed Taylor is an excellent trainer and an example for all of us.

His willingness to jump right in there and help mentor us along speaks volumes as to his integrity, to the seriousness to which he feels about being Santa and his goals for us that we each be an “Extraordinary Santa”. Thank you Santa Ed!!
“Santa” Jeff Mason
Theodore, Alabama, USA
Fantastic information and tutelage from Ed.

Thanks, Ed and Lori. I’ll continue to review all of the back years and renew next year.

Like Rick Rosenthal stated, your service provides a great value to the Santa community! Keep up the great work!
'Santa' Michael Wilson
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

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