Amazing Green Screen Tool

Watch the video.

The snow is falling, the fire dancing and crackling… you can now use this technology from your home.

The software and (for now) the course are both FREE.

To access the course click “Login” or “REGISTER” link on the top right. 

12 thoughts on “Amazing Green Screen Tool”

  1. James Neville

    Santa Ed. Great job, I am interested but didn’t find a link for the download of the software, help, please?

  2. Hi Santa Ed,

    Where can I find the info on the green screen software and course?


    Santa Curt

  3. It’s the top link on the Free, Bronze, Copper & Silver Hub Pages, and just below the Core Sessions on the Gold & Platinum Hubs.

  4. Amanda Geyer

    It won’t let me mark the first session of the OBS lesson complete – I already do live and pre-recorded streaming, using Streamlabs OBS (it’s friendlier on my system than regular OBS), so I hit MARK COMPLETE, but it still says the first session isn’t complete.

  5. Someone else reported that issue in Safari. I have my tech working on it. What browser were you using?

  6. This was for demo purposes. We’re working on getting background approvals now. You can also look online for video, or still, backgrounds.

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