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This session is an introduction to Bill Crawford & his company Braveheart Beard Oil. One of the unique things about his beard balm is that it’s made with WHITE BEE’S WAX to help reduce yellowing.

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CHAT FROM THE LIVE SESSION (Some technical problems at the beginning of the live meeting have been edited out of the replay, but you may see them referenced in the chat)

00:15:29 Santa Neil Santa Melbourne: Good Morning all from the Australian High Country
00:16:42 Najib Assad: Hey y’all From Asheville, NC tonight
00:17:13 Steve Fletcher: Greetings all from Nashville!
00:19:58 Nicholas Casey: his video is frozen
00:22:47 keep him off the big screen
00:25:53 put him on grid, no full screen
00:27:57 Brad Hanke: Hey everyone from vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains!!
00:28:30 Craig Hamilton: Audio is still poor
00:28:46 john Horton: audio is breaking up again
00:29:12 Craig Hamilton: Bill you’re probably either going to have reboot or log into another device.
00:32:44 Chris Adams: Congratulations
00:33:00 Riley Horton: how’s the weather in Oregon
00:35:59 Kiern: Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Everyone Worldwide, from Nashville, Tennessee, Music City, USA!
00:47:57 Craig Hamilton: I’m still trying to figure out my mustache. Looking for a fool proof mustache routine to train a handle bar. Mine doesn’t seem to cooperate but I also don’t want my stache to be a brick.
00:48:49 Craig Hamilton: Federal employees and contractors cannot use CBD products.
00:49:44 Santa Matt: Bill, how do you apply the beard oil?
00:50:29 ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor:
00:51:40 Najib & Debbie: Replying to “Hey everyone from va…”

Greetings from across the border in Asheville. Hope you have a great vacation.
00:53:45 Jolly Ole Elf: Can we ask him if his beard oils are clear …. Or have a color tint ??
00:54:04 Craig Hamilton: So long as your shop teacher doesn’t stink that’s a good memory.
00:55:22 Santa Matt: Is it available in a spray bottle?
00:56:03 What about beard soap
00:56:55 too thick for spray?
00:57:01 Chris Adams: What is the difference between beard hair and the hair on our head?
00:57:23 Craig Hamilton: I’ve always wished my beard oil would have a long tip squeeze applicator, or an eye dropper, so that I could get it to the skin under the beard easier.
00:57:50 Craig Hamilton: Replying to “I’ve always wished m…”
A drop at a time
00:58:21 Terry Webb: Replying to “I’ve always wished m…”

use a syringe
00:58:31 Craig Hamilton: Does the wax make your stache hard?
00:58:58 Craig Hamilton: Reacted to “use a syringe” with 👍
01:00:45 Steve Fletcher: Replying to “Federal employees an…”

As a member, you can get a discount on Purchase Braveheart Beard Oil Products

Craig, when I started out, I tried multiple balms and moustache wax products none of which held very long due to the warm air exiting the nostrils when I exhaled. I attended a class of Santa Tim Connaghan where he helped me out. He recommended the Got-2-Be Glued Styling Glue (yellow tube) and I style the mustache in two steps for each side. While the mustache is damp, I apply a bit of the glue to one side of the mustache and comb it through. Then using a hair dryer on warm (not hot) and low volume of air, I dry that side while pulling the comb through the mustache from top to bottom. As starts to set, I use the comb to shape the bottom of the mustache to the side. I repeat this process on the other side, then use the dryer to set the glue. As the glue is setting, make sure you are smiling as that will change how mustache lays/sits. Then with the basic mustache set, I apply another, smaller dab, of glue to one end of the mustache and using my fingers I curl it as
01:02:29 Craig Hamilton: Reacted to “Craig, when I starte…” with 👍
01:02:37 Santa Doug Meyer: Replying to “What is the differen…”

According to people in the know, quite a lot. For a source, I recommend you purchase -Ron Wolek’s book, “Become Santa Claus.” He goes in depth into the differences.
01:02:39 Craig Hamilton: Replying to “Federal employees an…”
Thank you Steven
01:02:42 oil to thick to spray?
01:03:39 I’m Sleighmaster user, sorry
01:04:03 Jolly Ole Elf: Replying to “I’m Sleighmaster use…”

Me too….
01:06:55 Chris Adams: Replying to “What is the differen…”

Thanks a lot, appreciate it.
01:08:44 Craig Hamilton: I’ve been told genetically we have a maximum beard length
01:08:49 Santa Doug Meyer: Replying to “Federal employees an…”

@Craig Hamilton. I also used Got-2-b glued, after seeing Santa Tim C. demonstrate it. I have found a second product to use, and one I prefer at this point. It is by clubman. It says it is a moustache wax, but it comes in a tube and squeezes out, unlike most waxes. It also holds up better to the heat and moisture of the breath from your nostrils. Lastly, it is white, so it does not yellow the hair like moustache waxes.
01:10:00 Bob McMasters says he adds a pack of “sweet&low” to his bleaching process
01:10:17 Craig Hamilton: This is my first time growing a long beard. My dad has a patchy beard so I just assumed I couldn’t for the first 30 years of my adult life. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well mine is doing. I’m going to grow it as big as I can.
01:10:45 Santa Doug Meyer: Replying to “Federal employees an…” It is only $3.75 a tube right now, and Since I just need a small dab on each finger tip (for each side of the stache), a tube lasts all season.
01:11:25 Santa Matt: Is it from the front or the rear of the Yak
01:11:51 Santa Doug Meyer: Replying to “Federal employees an…”

What I like about it better than Got-2-b glued, is that it is less stiff, but still holds the curl for a complete 8 hour shift in the chair.,
01:12:38 Jolly Ole Elf: Replying to “Is it from the front…”

01:12:41 john Horton: Reacted to “Craig, when I starte…” with 👍
01:13:27 john Horton: Reacted to “This is my first tim…” with 👍
01:13:40 john Horton: Reacted to “Is it from the front…” with 😂
01:14:01 ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor: Replying to “Is it from the front…”
01:14:09 Beard Soap?
01:14:42 ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor: Replying to “Is it from the front…”
01:15:01 Craig Hamilton: Tom I’m trying to figure out why you use designer beards. Your natural beard looks great.
01:15:40 Joshua Carlile: He could not wear a beard for work related purposes.
01:16:58 Craig Hamilton: Dye or bleach? Is white beard dye a thing?
01:17:41 john Horton: Reacted to “Dye or bleach? Is wh…” with 👍
01:17:44 Santa Matt: Mangle butter?
01:17:53 john Horton: Replying to “Dye or bleach? Is wh…”

great ?
01:17:58 Joshua Carlile: Dyeing is darkening. They do not make a white dye. However I did find a shampoo that I am going to pick up that tones a little ash gray. We will see.
01:19:42 Craig Hamilton: Anyone do hair extensions in the beard? Wondering how well that would work.
01:21:40 Don Weinreis: The VO5 has been my go to for when I’m going out, but not when I’m being Santa.
01:24:08 Timothy Puttre: Replying to “…”

Thanks you
01:24:12 think this is V05
01:24:43 Don Weinreis: Each Santa that I know develop their own style based on their face shape.
01:24:47 Skip Bowers: Good session. Think I might be trying some of these products.
01:25:01 Merry Christmas

As a member, you can get a discount on Braveheart products by using this link:

Purchase Braveheart Beard Oil Products

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