Defining Your Clausability

After auditioning for my commercial agent I was made aware of something that I had never before considered. I later learned that it’s an essential element for success in acting. It’s called your ‘castability factor.’

The essence of it is this… Are you a leading man, a best friend, blue-collar, white-collar, etc., etc., etc.?

Actors have their own niches. 

My castability was, of course, Santa Claus… pretty obvious, right?

But… my agent went further than that. He identified what I now call my Clausabilty Factor.


Our Clausability is what differentiates us from one another as Santas. 

Sure, I’ll be cast as Santa… but WHAT TYPE OF SANTA? That’s what my “Clausability Factor” will help determine.

So… what are some types of Santas?

We can start with Jolly & Grumpy… Contrast Donvan Scott in “Matchmaker Santa” with and Ed Asner in Elf.

Then there’s the prim & proper Santa and the more rumpled Santa… say Edmund Gwenn in Miracle on 34th Street & Jan Rubes in One Magic Christmas (my favorite Santa of all time, by the way).

There’s the slim, or at least not rotund, hipster type, say Kurt Russell in Christmas Chronicles, and the more traditional Santa Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.

Well, my Clausabilty is the “Jolly Natural Santa”. Jolly because I have a nice smile and I’m a natural smiler. Natural because I don’t wax or curl my mustache and my hair is kind of shaggy.

What is YOUR Clausabity Factor?

And perhaps even more importantly, how can you boost your Clausability Factor to increase your bookings and possibly even your rates?

Of course, most of us could play many ‘types’ of Santas, but knowing where naturally fit in, and how people instantly perceive us is just good business, it allows us to play to our strengths… and know where we might want to compensate some when we’re considering a job a bit outside of our core Clausabilty.

An example of that might be the “Grandfatherly Santa” who accepted a job for an all adult company party for a law firm. Something that may be more in the wheelhouse of the “Improv Santa” who is fun and quick-witted.

There are no best, or even better, Clausability factors, but there may be more opportunities for certain ‘types’. This applies to both your personal appearances and as well as work on TV & movies.

Have fun exploring your Clausability Factor. Ask your friends, co-workers, even people who have hired you as Santa… you may be a bit surprised by how you are perceived by others… and if you’re not surprised at least you will feel good knowing others have confirmed what you think.




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