Demand for Clauses INCREASES even more!

While many Christmas events are canceling, many others are ‘going virtual’. 

I’ve talked with Santas who have been asked to be part of their local Tree Lighting via local TV… some have even been asked to provide an extended message to the community, giving them several minutes of air time.

Yes, many traditional photo locations like malls, retail stores, and grottos in the UK will not have Santa this year, but many others are utilizing physical barriers (plexiglass) and social distancing so the Santa appearances will go on… (provided they’re not closed by local authorities as the season approaches).

The HUGE INCREASE IN DEMAND FOR CLAUSES has primarily been the result of new companies providing VIRTUAL VISITS

Some of these companies are looking for a hundred Santas, some less and some more, like JingleRing who is providing virtual visits to US military families around the globe… they’ve structured impressive marketing partnerships and an even more impressive compensation plan in their hopes to recruit up to 500 extraordinary Santas & Mrs. Clauses, currently, they have about 250 in their recruitment process. 

JingleRing has also developed an incredibly simple “Webcam Wizard” that gets your webcam set up with their virtual video background in 4 simple steps. 

JingleRing will be providing a complete ‘inter-active user experience’, complete with Disney style animated characters and Santa visiting with children directly from his working North Pole workshop. 

Here’s a short video that gives you the flavor of the JingleRing offering…

And then there are hundreds of Clauses who will provide Zoom and Facetime calls on their own.

So there are many ways for us Clauses to have a lot of fun spreading the Christmas Spirit and plenty of opportunities to have a very financially rewarding season as well.

TRAINING TUESDAY’S” every Tuesday from now through November 10th the Worldwide Santa Claus Network will provide FREE training sessions for Santa & Mrs. Claus portrayal artists worldwide. These sessions are sponsored by JingleRing and are OPEN TO ALL Clauses worldwide.

  • Our first session was “Working with Designer Beards” and it’s now available on-demand. The second session was “Improv for Clauses” and it too is now available on-demand.
  • Next Tuesday is “Being an Extraordinary Mrs. Claus”… with an emphasis on virtual visits. You can register on your Hub Page.
  • 10/6/2020 will be “Beard Whitening & Grooming” 10/13/2020 will be “Being a Claus for those with Special Needs” and the rest will be announced later.

If you have any questions about this season please let me know how I can help. There are tremendous opportunities to safely serve families worldwide. There are economic opportunities ranging from in-person visits to producing promotional videos.

Join the conversations at You will be inspired, uplifted and supported as you navigate this incredibly unique season.

All the best,

NOTIFICATION OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: Ed Taylor, Santa Ed, That Santa Guy, the proprietor of the Worldwide Santa Claus Network dot com receives compensation from JingleRing. Ed consults with, helps recruit Santas, and serves as a ‘Brand Ambassador’ for JingleRing. Any relationship you enter into with JingleRing may result in compensation being paid to Ed Taylor.

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