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Learn surprising truths about how Santa Claus portrayal artists have developed super successful Santa businesses.

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For Microsoft 2011

The first time I made a corporate Santa appearance changed my life forever.

It was 2011, and I appeared for Microsoft with TV celebrity Brooke Burke; at the time, she was co-hostess of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Brooke, her husband, children, and dozens of reporters and paparazzi, were there to capture the experience. It was eye-opening. Microsoft was doing something that companies had been doing for nearly 100 years; they were using Santa Claus to endear themselves with the public.

I saw the pictures and news stories appear over the next several days. They were great. The stories evoked the Christmas spirit, enhanced the Microsoft brand, and further endeared Brooke with her fans and the public in general… Santa Claus was the keystone, the central element making it all possible.

That day, November 23rd, 2011, was when I realized something I never thought about as a volunteer Santa… there is a very real commercial value for an extraordinary Santa Claus portrayal artist!

My mind raced to the Macy’s Santa, Santa Claus actors that you see on TV & in movies, and Santas that you see in print ads for Coca-Cola had hundreds of other brands. This was my first day appearing as Santa Claus in Los Angles, my first season-long engagement, and my first appearance with a celebrity… this day, like my first Santa appearance 8 years earlier, is a day that totally changed the direction of my life.

Learn what I learned and how I used what I learned to build a VERY successful Santa business and help many others do the same!

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