How to Build a Super Successful Santa Claus Virtual Visits Business

If you portray Santa Claus I’m confident you will relate to my 2020 experience…

By March 2020 I was concerned about the upcoming Christmas season… April, May & June my concerns deepened. 

I wasn’t worried about working as Santa, like most of us who portray Santa Claus, I could have sat out the season, but I had no interest in that. My concern was about the families, the children, the community events… the whole Christmas Spirit that I and thousands of other Santa Claus portrayal artists try so diligently to bring to those we serve.

By late Spring I was taking a deep dive into Zoom and all things related to ‘virtual meetings’, by early Summer I had a plan and a new website.

During the late Summer & Fall, the reservations were coming in. 

On November 11th the floodgates opened… on Black Friday I had 30 visits! I visited with 30 families in one day! I’m not a mall or retail store Santa, I primarily make appearances at home & business Christmas parties and Christmas Parades, and Tree Lighting Ceremonies. During a typical year, I make between 90 and 110 of these types of in-person appearances… so 30 visits in one day was amazing! 

The families loved it! During the season my visits ranged between 12 & 55-minutes, and I had the ‘inside information’ about the children I was visiting with (this made the visits SO MUCH FUN), oh, and it wasn’t all families. I made appearances at many virtual company parties, a virtual Tree Lighting for a University, 2 parties for US Embassies, those with Special Needs… it was all just amazing.

All said and done I had 540 virtual Santa Claus visits during the 2020 season… I definitely felt like I did my part to help spread the Christmas Spirit.  

In many ways, it was my best year ever. 

I loved that I was able to see so many people and have such rich conversations. I loved the reviews that kept coming in, especially the reviews from parents saying how much they, and their children, preferred virtual visits to their past experiences visiting Santa at a mall or retail store.

I also love that I was able to visit with people around the world. While I wasn’t being pulled by reindeer in sleigh, I did feel like I was touching hearts worldwide.

And, financially it was by far my best year since I started portraying Santa in 2003. 

If you portray Santa Claus and would like to learn more about how I did this login to this website and then CLICK HERE. (If you are not currently a member you can become a Free member here.)


Thanks for all the compliments on his progress in school and for boosting his confidence

This is my second review, and I must say, we didn’t expect a video of the event. It was nice seeing my grandson from your view instead of from the back of his head. Thank you so much.

The booking process was very easy and I appreciated the reminders right up to the day. 

I also appreciated your requesting information Santa would want to know about my grandson (sports, pets, favorite subjects, etc.) This made the conversation very personal and believable.

Jordan does not open up readily. I am sure he was awed by Santa’s presence on the video, but he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I mentioned in my first review that, if I closed my eyes, I could picture Jeff Bridges talking on the screen. Your cadence is similar to his, and he is one of my favorite actors. Kudos on that!.

Linda Jones Kemp

This was so great, definitely made up for the fact that we couldn’t take them to see Santa in person this year, however, we’d consider doing this any year!

Michael McGuire

Santa Ed is a true professional! Every aspect of the visit (from the initial booking to confirmation and reminders and post-visit email correspondences) was helpful, friendly, and made the whole experience easy!

Chelsi Schulz

The call was magical…

Santa was amazing and my five grandkids were so excited they struggled to get their words out of their mouths.

Santa personalized the call and covered a great number of topics, telling jokes, listening to the kids wish lists, and encouraging them to “give back”

I would definitely recommend Santa Ed to everyone!

So easy, very professional….answered emails, was on time…..and the reminder system worked so well…

Daniel Ritchie

When we booked a virtual visit with Santa Ed, we thought this would be an adequate substitute for an in-person one. We were so wrong. The experience was incomparably more personal, comfortable, memorable, and happy for our child.

Zoom visit with Santa Ed is our new family tradition.

Everything from booking through the delivery of the booking was perfect. Easy on the customer, smooth, and multiple extremely helpful reminders.

All very much appreciated.

Thank you, Santa Ed. We are grateful.

Celeste Kidd

If you portray Santa Claus and would like to learn more about how I did this login to this website and then CLICK HERE. (If you are not currently a member you can become a Free member here.)

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