I’m Feeling a Sense of Duty & Duty is Joy

After I read this in a Santa Group:  “I absolutely refuse to do virtual visits.” Here are the thoughts that bubbled up in me…

I fell in love with portraying Santa Claus back in 2003 primarily because I saw the joy Santa brought to people of all ages… and the joy I felt being that source of joy for others.

Along the way, my Santa portrayal inspired me to develop new skills and refine some of what I had already learned. I became a better storyteller, model, actor, improv artist, video chatter, etc., etc., etc.

I also allowed Santa to become a model for my personal life, holding myself to a higher standard and I’ve become a better person as a result.

I’ve seen the impact of Santa, not just on children, but on PEOPLE OF ALL AGES, and on myself.

This year, with all of the change and uncertainty going on, I’m experiencing different feelings about portraying Santa than I have ever felt.

I’m feeling a sense of DUTY.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve come to be absolutely certain that Santa Claus lifts spirits and that I, as one of many Santa Claus avatars, lift spirits.

Over the last 5 months, I’ve come to believe that this year lifting spirits is more important than at any time since I first donned the suit.

Santa Ed Visit 7/3/20

So I’m 100% committed to doing whatever it takes, to learning whatever I need to learn, to be able not only to lift spirits this Christmas season but also to maximize my impact as well.

I certainly understand the feelings the Santa has who wrote “I absolutely refuse to do virtual visits.” And I hope the Santa who wrote it, and all of the Santas who have similar thoughts will reconsider.

Yes, I fully understand that in the scope of things grown men acting as Santa Claus seems trivial, and hey, what’s the big deal if you take a year off… I get that… but I also understand that what Santa Claus represents is important, and WHO represents Santa Claus is also important.

We, you and I, WE have the heart to portray Santa.

Yes, we may need to get some new equipment & learn some new skills. Yes, we may not enjoy virtual visits as much as in-person visits.

But we CAN add some joy… and I, for one, feel it is my duty and my great honor, to portray Santa Claus this year… even if I must sacrifice some of the personal joy I receive from in-person appearances in the process.


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Duty was Joy

I slept and dreamt
That life was joy
I awoke and saw
That life was duty
I acted and behold
Duty was joy.

Rabindranath Tagore

By the way, ‘Santa’ Chuck Plant has provided more than 400 Virtual Santa Claus Visits during the early months of the pandemic. Here’s how he did it and what he’s learned… CLICK HERE (this is available FREE to all Santas worldwide, but you must be logged in to watch the interview.)

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