INTRO TO IMPROV for Santa & Mrs. Claus

In this FREE session, you will learn specific IMPROV skills & techniques that you can apply as Santa & Mrs. Claus to help make all of your conversations more engaging and fun.

This session features Matt Marberry.  Matt taught this class in  2020, and it was a HUGE  HIT!

Matt has worked with theme parks, resorts, and cruise lines for over 10 years as a performer, producer, and entertainment manager. He has worked with companies such as SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Disney Cruise Line, and Universal Studios.

Matt has a passion for improv, having taken improv classes at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and The Peoples Improv Theater in New York City. All of the work he does in the entertainment tourism industry has a basis in improv.

Matt has found his training in improv has also been very beneficial in his Santa Portrayal.

All Santas & Mrs. Clauses worldwide are welcome to attend this FREE session (although attendance in the live session is limited to 500.)


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