Intro to Personal Development

Jim Rohn had a significant impact on Santa Ed Taylor. Jim was one of Ed’s clients and friends in the late ’80’s & early ’90’s.

Another wonderful session with Jim Rohn…

The “THAT SANTA GUY”  YouTube Channel has many “less than a minute quotes” that I find inspirational. You can access them here- https://www.youtube.com/c/ThatSantaGuy/videos 

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3 thoughts on “Intro to Personal Development”

  1. Thanks Ed, Three of my favorite motivational speakers have been Jim Rohn and John Maxwell and Zig Ziglar. I had the opportunity to have lunch with John Maxwell with 5 of us at his table a very humble man. Zig Ziglar and I sat down together for 15 minutes at an event , basically he said Rick ask me anything. I never saw Jim Rohn in person, buy listened to his tapes. He was an remarkable speaker. This video you just shared, was full of treasures, but my favorite was “Make yourself more valuable to the market place”. Which you shared in your first class on this past Tuesday.

  2. Nathaniel Ranch

    Thank you so much for teaching me all the ways of Santa 🎅🏼 I look forward to learning more from you and our brothers and sisters in red

    From your brother in red
    Santa Nat

  3. These perspectives are not only helping me pusue being a better Santa but, a better person and more in touch with my higher self aspirations and goals. I am greatful to be part of this community. Those around me are seeing me reach more goals because of this and have commented. Just ran into a neighbor at Costco yesterday that stated how it felt good seeing me more physically active but also improving myself and noted how being a better Santa accelerated the growth and meeting goals. Thank you for these resources.

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