Introductory Sessions

Let's determine if portraying Santa or Mrs. Claus will be a good fit for you... and if so just how you can get started.


Is Portraying Santa Claus Right for You?

Many of those who portray Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus say it's the most fun 'job' they ever had... in fact, most make some appearances each year pro-bono.

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Learning The Basics

Learn the basics about portraying Santa or Mrs. Claus including ways to earn money while having a ton of fun.

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Doing Good as Santa

Santa & Mrs. Claus are 'do-gooders'... and you can help them. Learn how to have fun & serve others through your Santa portrayal.

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Starting The Santa Season

What do you do have fun, be fun and provide children & families with lasting memories? Learn ways to get your season off to a great start and strong close.

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What Our Santas & Mrs. Clauses Have to Say

Santa Ed has given me so much information and assistance. The information he shares is truly from the heart and he explains things in detail and in ways that anyone can understand.

Santa Ed is a true inspiration to me and many other Santa’s. He is the most influential,caring and type of Santa I want to be. I hope to one day be as good and honest and motivated as he is.

Thank you Santa Ed for all your help.
Santa Tom Hawks
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Santa Ed (That Santa Guy) actually IS what he strives mightily to encourage and educate us all to be; EXTRAORDINARY!
Dean Rowan
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of experience. It’s like being able to go to the Library every time that I have a question about working as Santa.

I often ask myself WWET do LOL.
Santa Jim Thibodeau
Chico, California, USA
Ed, I want to thank you again! I took your courses before doing anything else and they helped me tremendously.

I have 2 agents here in DFW and the one who books me the most said that I'm the most prepared Santa she's ever worked with.

Well, my first booking with her was a photoshoot for a lipstick company. I received an email today with a video of it showing on the Jumbotron in Times Square! Thanks again!
David Starr
Dallas, Texas, USA