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On June 9th, I received an email that changed the trajectory of 2020 for me… and hundreds of other Santas & Mrs. Clauses across North America and even some around the world.

The email was from Lisney with a company called JingleRing… Before long I had a Zoom meeting with Walt Geer, one of the Co-Founders of JingleRing… and then another meeting, and another. 

Their vision for JingleRing virtual visits was terrific. The JingleRing team members had companies like Disney, Apple, and Microsoft on their resumes.

Their marketing partners have a direct reach to over 45 MILLION families, including over 30 million military families.

I was, and am, incredibly impressed with Jingle Ring.

Of course, we’ve all seen the impact this pandemic has had on work, education, and medicine… they’ve all gone virtual. Zoom has seen their daily meeting participants shoot from 10 million to 200 million, and to now over 300 million.

We’re seeing in-person Christmas events being canceled across the country and around the world.

And to add insult to injury, thousands of Santa & Mrs. Claus portrayal artists are now realizing that they are at high, or even extremely high, risk for severe illness should they contract COVID 19.

Thanks to the vision of the JingleRing team and their super simple program, families across the country and around the world can now have an amazing Virtual Visit with Santa Claus. 

I’m not talking about some make-shift Zoom or Facetime call; I’m talking about a Santa experience like no other.

Families go through an incredibly easy booking and scheduling process, and they provide Santa with some key information for the visit.

At the appointed time, the family accesses their JingleRing session. The session starts with some super fun animated characters. The family receives tips for an extraordinary experience… and then, live from the North Pole, Santa greets the family and fun begins.

Families can invite grandparents or friends from around the world to join their session; they can also easily share the video by email or on social media.

Other surprising aspects of JingleRing are the customization and the price. 

For less than a family typically spends on pictures with Santa at a mall or retail location, the child gets an amazing experience with Santa, being able to talk to him longer. Of course, Santa knows much more about the child, making for a truly magical Santa experience… 

And, families can request an ethnic Santa, a Santa who speaks various languages, a faith-based Santa, a Santa who has been trained in visiting with children, and adults, with special needs… or Mrs. Claus.

The best way to learn more about being a part of the JingleRing team is to login to the website here, at the Worldwide Santa Claus Network. 

All Network members, including FREE Members, get access to the JingleRing Hub Page. 

Once you’re logged in and on the Hub Page, you will find an FAQ, an “intro session” with Walt, Linsey & me” you will also learn how to audition to become a JingleRing Santa, be able to watch actual audition videos, register for private Zoom meetings, and have access to educational videos on how to get set-up for and actually deliver virtual visits.

Join me on the inside… REGISTER HERE I’m confident you will be as impressed with JingleRing as I am. Jingle Ring

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NOTIFICATION OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: Ed Taylor, Santa Ed, That Santa Guy, the proprietor of the Worldwide Santa Claus Network dot com receives compensation from JingleRing. Ed consults with, helps recruit Santas, and serves as a ‘Brand Ambassador’ for JingleRing. Any relationship you enter into with JingleRing may result in compensation being paid to Ed Taylor.

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