To watch the JingleRing “Introduction Session” CLICK HERE

NOTIFICATION OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: Ed Taylor, also known as Santa Ed, That Santa Guy, and the proprietor of The Santa Claus Conservatory dot com receives compensation from JingleRing. Ed consults with, helps recruit and train Santas for JingleRing and also serves as their ‘Brand Ambassador’.

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  1. Charlie Ferrie

    Hi Ed,

    I had to leave the session early (and during the session) to prep and eat dinner with my family, but I got most of it. I can see why you went with JingleRing. They indeed seemed to have covered all of the bases (with your help). I hope to get up to speed from the recording soon.

    Congratulations! I just think we will save Christmas after all! LOL!

    I asked earlier in the week through SCC about discounting my Bronze membership fee for upgrading to Copper or Silver. Did I get that right? I’m also hoping to set up my OBS with your background.

    I hope to be a part of your team, Charlie “St Nick Noel – World Famous Santa” Ferrie

  2. Hi Ed –

    I just watched the zoom session on Jingle Ring and I’m interested in submitting an audition tape. I need the details regarding how to submit and what sort of content would be wanted in the audition tape. Help?


    Santa Dean
    Dean Najarian
    Nashville, TN
    (206) 214-6417

    My website (which is in need of updating): http://askforsanta.com/gallery.html

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