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Chat from live sessions:

00:04:29 Barry Spencer: Good evening from the Mississippi Delta.
00:04:58 David Fleming: Hello everybody from Montgomery!
00:05:23 Jeff Lormis: Good Evening fellow Santa’s from Northern Minneota
00:05:44 Don Weinreis: Good evening everyone, from Lake Co. Il
00:06:06 Tom Beams: Everyone catch the new trailer for the new season of the clauses
00:06:10 joe harkins: i am not an upcale member. My video and mic are not working but I can see and hear.
00:06:31 Barry Spencer: Reacted to “Everyone catch the n…” with ❤️
00:07:04 Stephen Kiern: Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, To Everyone Worldwide, from Nashville, Tennessee, Music City, USA!
00:07:35 NKY Santa Crestview Hills KY: Reacted to “Everyone catch the n…” with ❤️
00:07:42 David Tucker: Reacted to “Everyone catch the n…” with ❤️
00:07:45 Michael Krinninger: Hi Everyone from Libertyville, IL.
00:08:12 Steve Donohue: I’ve never done it and I’m near Detroit, MI
00:08:16 David Atlas: 6th year, Gainesville FL
00:08:16 rob green: 8 years Santa indianapolis
00:08:17 Santa Jerry – Ft Wayne: 7 years, Ft Wayne, IN
00:08:19 Michael Walters: I’m a Santa who started over 30 years ago. New York City.
00:08:19 Greg Hamilton: my 3rd year. Annapolis MD
00:08:21 Tom Tingesdahl: santa for 7yrs
00:08:22 Randy Neely: First season, Kaufman, TX
00:08:22 Matt Lang: 3 years from Edwardsville IL
00:08:22 Neurodivergent Santa Nate Autistic and proud haymarket, VA: 8-9 years
00:08:23 Santa Curtis: in Rome ga 5 years
00:08:23 Ken Fedor: 1st year Grand Prairie TX
00:08:24 Steve Flynn: second year. Rochester NY
00:08:24 Santa AJ Baillis: 4 years ohio
00:08:24 Jeff Lormis: Rochert, MN 3 years
00:08:25 Patrick Spring: New Santa from Duluth, GA
00:08:26 Barry Spencer: 1978 in Mississippi
00:08:27 Charles Johnson: I’ve been a Santa for 12 plus years
00:08:27 David Tucker: Owensboro, KY 7 years
00:08:28 Craig Hiser: South central KY, 2nd year
00:08:28 Lyle Belcher eagle5: South Carolina 1 Month
00:08:28 joe harkins: This my 10th season. Nased in NYC
00:08:28 Daniel Pless: Grand Blanc, MI 7 years
00:08:29 Santa Argyle – Ronda Guile: Santa Argyle, 8th year, Ramona, San Diego, CA
00:08:30 Glen Gerevics: santa glen 45 years
00:08:31 Brian Boyle: 17 years santa
00:08:31 Keith Fernandes: Hi Everyone. 1 yr L.A. , CA
00:08:35 Santa Tom Dutton: This will be my 2nd year. I will be at the Maine Mall, South Portland, Maine
00:08:36 Beach Santa Steve Johnson: First year
00:08:39 Gary: 7 East Tn.
00:08:40 Charles Young: I’ve been doing this for 15 years
00:08:42 Bubba Parmenter: 16… 6 as real beard
00:08:42 Cecil Johnson: Howdy! Santa Cecil from San Luis Obispo, CA. Entering my third season.
00:08:43 Keith Dupleix: 7 years in Summit, MS
00:08:43 Santa John – Rogue River, OR: 25 years plus in Chicagoland area, Fresno, CA, and now Oregon
00:08:43 Don Weinreis, Lake Co. IL: I’ve Been portraying Santa for more than 5 years.
00:08:45 bob jeffords: 1 time last year ago Kalispell MT
00:08:46 Robert Gudorf: 8 years in Fort Wayne, In.
00:08:46 Michael Walters: I started 30 years ago. NYC.
00:08:55 NKY Santa Crestview Hills KY: Crestview Hills Ky 2
00:08:56 Santa Al Paterson – Victoria BC: 13 years Victoria BC Canada
00:08:59 Brian Boyle: 17 years from Peterborough Ontario canada
00:09:06 Kiern: Music City, USA,
Nashville, Tennessee
21 years
00:09:08 David Fleming Montgomery, AL: less than 1 year = Montgomery
00:09:13 Jeffrey Wilkerson: 3 years Nashville, Tennessee
00:09:14 Ward Jones: 6 yr Columbia Tn
00:09:25 Santa Clyde, Salem, Oregon: 3 yeears for pay 45 years for fun.
00:09:27 rob green: Around 8 yrs Indianapolis
00:09:31 al iman: first time Virginia beach
00:09:33 Sammy Duff: 1 year – Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
00:09:43 Anthony Bowman: Reacted to “my 3rd year. Annapo…” with 👍
00:09:47 Neurodivergent Santa Nate Autistic and proud haymarket, VA: To be better
00:09:58 Don Weinreis, Lake Co. IL: To have some fun in retirement.
00:10:00 Robert Gudorf: Enjoying a smiling child.
00:10:00 Michael Walters: 1. Income 2. Kids and families register me as the REAL Santa. / Bringing Joy
00:10:01 Greg Hamilton: bring joy and happiness to others. Learn to be better at my portrayal.
00:10:04 Ken Fedor: bringing joy to others
00:10:14 Eric Dieckman: Stirring up children’s imaginations
00:10:14 Glen Gerevics: bringing happiness during the holidys
00:10:15 David Tucker: Spreading Christmas cheer and earning extra income
00:10:19 Steve Flynn: Love Christmas and the children
00:10:21 Barry Spencer: Making people happy but especially the young and old.
00:10:25 NKY Santa Crestview Hills KY: making people happy spreading the JOY of Christmas
00:10:34 Lyle Belcher eagle5: Bringing joy to better someone else’s day
00:10:36 tom baehr: Cuz it’s the most fun I’ve ever had.
00:10:41 Santa Curtis: To spread love, hope and joy
00:10:43 Beach Santa Steve Johnson: To spread kindness and Spirit of Christmas
00:10:55 Tom Beams: Reacted to Everyone catch the n… with “❤️”
00:10:58 Sammy Duff: To have fun, spread joy, and earn a little along the way as a bonus. : )
00:11:01 Brian Boyle: to keep the spirit of Christmas
00:11:02 David Tucker: Reacted to “Cuz it’s the most fu…” with ❤️
00:11:03 Santa Al Paterson – Victoria BC: Spreading the Joy of Christmas to kids from 1 to 101. Connecting with people.
00:11:17 Cecil Johnson: Being a part of something bigger than me.
00:11:29 Kiern: To extend, and, expand Hope, Joy, Kindness, and, Love
00:11:50 bob jeffords: i really like the smile from the kids faces when they see me walking down the road and talking to them
00:12:12 Santa Tom Dutton: Just bring some Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward men.
00:12:29 Santa Argyle – Ronda Guile: Personal joy and having the support and ability to share my joy and LOVE for the Holidays with children and adults alike. The Love that I have when I have that Red Suit on!!
00:12:41 Steve Donohue: `I have ordered a ton of games from Ashland, Oregon over the years.
00:12:44 Keith Dupleix: Touching people with kindness and enthusiasm for Christmas. REALLY enjoy interacting with children, earning a little income.
00:13:44 Sammy Duff: Same here
00:16:15 bob jeffords: it seems un focused
00:17:45 tom baehr: I’m at Santa’s Land USA amusement park now until Christmas.
00:19:34 Tom Beams: The season of drinking thru straws only begins
00:19:41 Don Weinreis, Lake Co. IL: Reacted to “Hi Everyone from Lib…” with ✋
00:28:14 Greg Hamilton: Reacted to “The season of drinki…” with 👍
00:30:15 Steve Flynn: I try to respond within 5 minutes
00:31:45 Michael Walters: coming up soon people will really need to move their dates or be without a Santa.
00:34:26 Ken Fedor: no audio?
00:34:47 Michael Walters: Ken I have audio. Maybe restart your zoom. They’ll let you back in I think
00:35:21 Kenneth Fedor: ty
00:40:09 Boris Contreras: It definitely shows, Santa Ed!
00:45:58 Neurodivergent Santa Nate Autistic and proud haymarket, VA: The Santa iceberg
00:47:46 Don Weinreis, Lake Co. IL: There is a balancing act we do. There is a cost in being Santa, the suits, the schooling, transportation from venue to venue and so many other aspects. No matter how much we would like to give of ourselves, unless you have deep pockets that enable you to present yourself for free, you need to have some income.
00:48:07 Barry Spencer: Reacted to “There is a balancing…” with ❤️
00:49:10 Daniel Pless: VIP is looking for Santas
00:59:17 Don Weinreis, Lake Co. IL: Any time I’m asked for a gift that maybe questionable, I’ve had a lot of success by saying “oh my, I may have to talk to your mom or dad about that”. By saying that, I don’t take hope away from the child.
00:59:49 Neurodivergent Santa Nate Autistic and proud haymarket, VA: Saw this on facebook: what’s wrong with this picture
00:59:50 David Atlas: Reacted to “Any time I’m asked f…” with 👍
01:05:27 Santa Argyle – Ronda Guile: I have to “bow out” early today … all have a great evening. Santa Happenings are Happening … Be Extraordinary, Be Amazing, even for yourself!! Santa Argyle 😉
01:07:33 ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor:
01:08:40 ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor:
01:12:10 tom baehr: Have a good season, everybody. ‘Bye.
01:12:15 Michael Walters: Soutwest gives a “person of size” seat for free when you check in. You can have your own seat plus the middle seat if you like. They’re the only airline that does it.
01:15:39 ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor:
01:15:59 Michael Walters: Megan from Gigsalad advises that the bid is the final step. You absolutely want to consult with the client before sending a quote. Gigmasters makes this more difficult imo
01:16:23 Anthony Bowman: Reacted to “Megan from Gigsalad …” with 👍
01:16:47 WINSTON Bleary: I have notice there is no black Santa-claus in the mall in Toronto Ontario Canada
01:17:18 Steve Donohue: On the poster.
01:17:56 Michael Anderson: Is there a current code for Planet Santa ?
01:18:18 Steve Donohue: I used the October one last night.
01:19:17 Michael Anderson: For Planet Santa ?
01:19:26 Sammy Duff: Great to see everyone as always. Sorry – I have to run. Have a great night, and God bless!
01:20:30 Steve Donohue: Yes. It’s on this page on the site:
01:20:56 Michael Anderson: Thanks

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