Master Santa Claus Portrayal

5 Steps to Being a Santa Claus Portrayal Mastery… 

Let’s take the process of learning how to portray Santa Claus as an example of a skill, or set of skills, you can learn.

In the first stage, Unconscious Incompetence, you don’t know what you don’t know. You put on the Santa suit and do things, some are perhaps pretty good, some perhaps less so. You may say Ho Ho Ho… but it comes out forced rather than a part of a jolly chuckle.

You smile for pictures, but when you look at the photos you don’t look very jolly.

  1. You can’t exactly put your finger on it… and everyone had fun, of course, Santa was there… but there was just something lacking. This is the Unconscious Incompetence stage. 
  2. You go on Facebook, or the Worldwide Santa Claus Network and you see some photos and 7 videos photos of other Santas… you look back at your photos… you start to be aware of your own skill level. You start to see yourself on the spectrum of learning. This is Conscious Incompetence. In other words, you begin to see ways you can improve. 
  3. With more experience, and after watching more training videos on the Worldwide Santa Claus Network dot com, you start to peek into Conscious Competence. Now you’re a good Santa Claus Portrayal Artist. And not only that, you know why you’re good. You understand the journey that got you there. 
  4. But you’re not done, there’s yet another stage. With even more practice, possibly learning from some new teachers, and experimenting with your own styles, you finally reach Unconscious Competence. In other words, portraying Santa Claus becomes second nature to you. Or at least, a core set of mini-skills do. The way you Ho Ho Ho, ask questions, answer questions, and pose for photos. All of these things are now natural, you don’t have to even think about them.

Back in the ‘70’s when I became aware of this model it stopped there, but there’s actually another stage, Mastery. In the Worldwide Santa Claus Network, we call this being extraordinary. 

There’s a very real danger that once you reach Unconscious Competence, you’ll become complacent. Once ‘you’re a  natural, you don’t need to learn, or polish, your skills anymore, you can rest on your laurels or holly. But complacency does not result in being extraordinary. 

Mastery may be the most difficult hurdle of all the stages. Mastery is what differentiates the extraordinary from other pros. 

This model gives us a useful perspective on our learning process and when you couple this model with our “Claus Portrayal Artist Educational Mind Map” you can cut years off of your learning curve. 


Instantly you can become aware of things that it may have taken Santas before you years to learn about. It took me more than 10 years to learn the beard grooming technique I now use. You can now watch the short video and in a few minutes, in your first year, you can learn what took me 10 years to discover.

Examine this Mind Map closely. It hits more than 100 different points that you will be conscious of in the next minute or 2… from there it’s simply a matter of attending some classes. You can watch them on-demand, as well as live, via Zoom.

You can also attend our Monthly Mentoring Meeting, on the first Monday of each month via Zoom. 

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