Merry Christmas 2021


When I sat down to make this video my idea was to wish you a Merry Christmas…

And then I thought, no, it needs to be more than that… something more heartfelt… something more special.

A quick Google search set me on the right track… in a surprising way.

According to Google the term Merry Christmas is used by millions of people to bid good tidings. 

Another Google search revealed that to bid someone “good tidings” is to wish them good news and positive thoughts.

So to wish someone Merry Christmas, at least as best as I can tell, is essentially wishing them good news and positive thoughts.

And really, what better things could I wish for you, or for anyone?

What could be better than receiving good news, perhaps about our health, or our finances, or our relationships or any other thing that is important to us? And then, in addition to good news, you have positive thoughts. 

In other words, no worry, no stress, no anxiety… just good, happy, fulfilling thoughts… receiving good news and having positive thoughts are perhaps the best things any of us could wish for any person. 

I wish for good news and positive thoughts for myself, and for all those closest to me… and for those I know less well, and, I wish good news & positive thoughts for everyone.

MERRY CHRISTMAS There’s a lot packed into two words… two words that roll off our tongues so casually that we can easily lose sight of their meaning.

And words we hear so frequently we can just let them pass by without appreciating their gravity.

Please, hear my words… and let them touch your soul… 

I wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy New Year.

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