More Exciting News About Santa Season 2020…

Companies, event organizers & agents are all finding innovative ways to “Save Christmas”.

Malls across the country will be offering “Virtual Visits with Santa”, in fact, one of our members is doing this RIGHT NOW for a multi-week ‘Christmas in July’ experience and on Thursday he reported that the families are loving it… and he is too!

In this case, Santa is in a private office in the mall. He’s set-up with a computer, blue screen, and video background. This is his ‘North Pole’ and the families tour the set and come to a room with a computer set-up so they can have a live Virtual Visit with Santa Claus.

 Of course, many hospitals have been using Virtual Visits with Santa Claus for years… my sources say that number will soar this season.

Thousands of elementary schools and millions of elementary school students are now very familiar with Zoom. They’ve used it for school, to visit with grandparents and other family members and a growing number are ALREADY using is for Santa visits… at least 2 members of our group, me being 1 of them, made Virtual Appearances at birthday parties this past week!

Read what mom said about this “Virtual Visit” for a “Merry Christmas Birthday Party” for a 6-year-old in New Jersey.

I planned a Christmas in July themed quarantine birthday for my son’s 6th birthday and boy did a zoom with Santa Ed make it (in my son’s words) “the best birthday ever”.

Not only was Santa Ed really nice, responsive, and easy to work with, he took the time to learn a few facts about my son that made it such a unique experience.

This is not your average Santa!

He is the real deal with an atmosphere to match his authentic look.

I don’t know how we are going to top this birthday unless Santa Ed is willing to ride his sleigh to the east coast and squeeze down our chimney next year.

We would definitely recommend and will be reaching out this winter for another zoom around the holiday season.

Courtney Barnes

There’s never been a better, or more important time, for Santa spread his message of love, kindness, & generosity. And the tools now available to us as ‘visual storytellers’ are simply amazing. With some thought, creativity, and practice we can have an even greater impact as ambassadors of the Christmas Spirit.

 If you haven’t already, I invite you to watch “VIRTUAL VISITS 101”, it’s available to FREE – PLATINUM members. This is the precursor to the 6-Week “How to Provide & Market Extraordinary Virtual Visits” course which is available to members of the Copper – Platinum Levels.

I also suggest you go through the free “OPEN BROADCASTER SOFTWARE (OBS) SET-UP FOR VIDEO CHATS & MESSAGES” course. Not only is the course free the software is free and can help you significantly ‘up your game’ in the area of Virtual Visits.

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