Most Popular Pre-Season Sessions

Santa Claus Portrayal Artisits from around the world average 167 sessions per day as they cram for the upcoming Christmas season. They’re developing new skills, gaining confidence both in traditional Santa skills & in the new skills required for ‘virtual visit’ technology.  They’re also learning how to increase their income & impact as a professional Santa Claus portrayal artist.

In the weeks leading up to the season here are the 24 most viewed sessions:

  1. Santa Video Set Set Up
  2. Video Chats & Messages
  3. Your Looks
  4. Santa Claus Booking Agents
  5. Virtual Visits 1
  6. What is OBS Studio
  7. Improv for Clauses
  8. 18 Tips Sessions
  9. Being & Working with Mrs. Claus
  10. Portraying Santa for those with Special Needs
  11. Virtual Visits 101
  12. Worldwide Santa Claus Summits
  13. Christmas Season 2020 Kick-Off
  14. Marketing Your Santa Business
  15. Media Interviews
  16. Virtual Visits Q & A Sessions
  17. Being a Parade Santa
  18. Working with Photo Studios
  19. Storytelling
  20. Virtual Visits Storytelling Scripting Packaging Pricing
  21. Santa Home Visits
  22. Social Media Marketing
  23. How to Write Press Releases
  24. 101 Questions Santa Answers 

Every year many Santa Claus portrayal artists have the same realization… 

And that is; being EXTRAORDINARY as a Santa Claus portrayal artist takes the same thing that being extraordinary at anything takes… EFFORT!

 James Anthony Froude put it this way…
“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.”

That’s what the hundreds of ‘on-demand’ sessions in our online Santa school are for, they’re available to help us ‘hammer & forge’ ourselves into a character… an extraordinary character, an authentic Santa Claus. 

And it doesn’t stop there… the business sessions, all of the sessions on marketing, writing press releases, doing media interviews, working with ‘booking agents’, etc. These sessions give you the practical skills to extend your reach and have a greater impact and they show you how to increase the income you generate with your Santa portrayal.

Of course, for most of us portraying Santa is not ‘ABOUT’ the money, and certainly not ALL ABOUT the money… and at the same time, we don’t want to be foolish.  

As Jonathan Swift said, “A wise person should have money in their head but not in their heart.” 

Our heart is all about the Christmas Spirit… the families we serve, the smiles and good cheer we bring to others of all ages… and at the same time we don’t want our love for what we do to blind us to the economic value of our services.

The are hundreds of sessions. Every topic imaginable is covered. The sessions are available 24/7/365 from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

 Membership ranges from FREE (and yes, there is a lot of valuable content available to our Free members) through Platinum for those who aspire to get paid TV or movies roles. 

EXPLORE the sessions by membership level CLICK HERE

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