Last night at 7:30, I received an email that reminded me about something that we have not talked about for a while… and that’s Building & Maintaining Relationships with Customers of Your Santa Business. 


Back in 2016, I was cast in a commercial. Over the past 7 years, we stayed connected with many people involved in the production, including the guys who run the ad agency that helped produce the commercial. We followed each other on Facebook & LinkedIn, and I occasionally emailed them. And then, last night, out of the blue, I received THE EMAIL!

They wanted to book me for not 1 but 2 more commercials. No auditions, just a straight booking! 

The beauty of it? In his email, he mentioned, “I always love following your social media updates!” This booking wasn’t mere luck; it was the fruit of years of nurturing the relationship. And yes, I’m super excited to get the booking, and I’m also super excited to reconnect with the guys again in person. 

Relationship Building for Worldwide Santa Claus Network Members: Elements & Benefits

For us Worldwide Santa Claus Network members, wearing the red suit and spreading the Christmas Spirit goes far beyond a seasonal ‘performance.’ We, especially those enrolled in our Santa Claus Portrayal & Business Mastery program, portraying Santa (or Mrs. Claus) is not just about a ‘performance’; it’s about having a positive impact on others and on ourselves and forging relationships that last. 

Here Are the 6 Key Elements of Relationship Building for Worldwide Santa Claus Network Members:

Content Creation: We need to stay in touch. It can be social media posts about what we’re doing, especially when it overlaps with the interests of our different community segments. For me, that means those I make Santa appearances for, including moms, parade organizers, company meeting planners, etc. I want to engage all of my various audiences with content that reminds them about me and ideally continues to build my reputation, desirability, and perhaps some scarcity. 

Multi-Channel Engagement: In today’s world, it is easier and more necessary to maintain connections through various avenues like email, various social media platforms, and perhaps at business and even social gatherings, ensuring that top-of-mind awareness is maintained all year round.

Personalization: Not every one of your social media posts will resonate with each of your followers. That’s fine; just make sure some of your posts resonate with each of your various audience segments throughout the year. 

Segmentation: Give some thought to your various audiences—event coordinators, families, event organizers, etc. —and design posts or interactions that resonate deeply with each group.

Consistent Connection: Post about your off-season adventures and the various things going on in your life, ALWAYS with the tone of Santa. Be sure to at least occasionally add Santa-related things, new bookings, testimonials you receive, things you’ve learned through our Mastery program, etc.

Feedback Loop: Pay attention to the comments you receive and the ‘shares’ your posts get. Reflect and learn from your posts, and try to boost engagement. 

Here are 6 Benefits of Relationship Building for Worldwide Santa Claus Network Members:

Strengthens Your Connection: Consistent interactions help to build your image in the eyes of your community members and also help to build top-of-mind awareness so you get requested next time they have a need for a Santa.

Higher Retention Rates: Nurturing relationships leads to repeat bookings. Pleased clients will eagerly anticipate Santa’s return year after year.

Amplified Word-of-Mouth: Thrilled families, event planners, and casting directors become enthusiastic advocates, leading to increased engagements.

Deepens Your Insights: Regular communications yield invaluable insights, enabling you to craft even more specific experiences.

Saves Money: Cultivating and maintaining relationships is often more budget-friendly than continually seeking new clientele through advertisements.

Extraordinary Reputation: As a Santa portrayal artist who is deeply invested in relationships, you are seen as being not only an extraordinary Santa but also an extraordinary person. 

For me, and I think for most of us Worldwide Santa Claus Network members, particularly those in the Santa Claus Portrayal & Business Mastery program, relationship building is at the heart of our mission

It’s not just about portraying Santa—it’s about touching hearts, sparking smiles, forging enduring connections, and spreading the Christmas spirit ALL YEAR LONG

Ultimately, the most magical part of portraying Santa is the warmth shared, the relationships built, and who we became in the process. 


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