Other Opportunities for Santa & Mrs. Claus

Learn how to have more fun, earn more income, have a greater impact, and gain greater fulfillment from your Santa or Mrs. Claus portrayal.

We’ll cover the following:

  1. Getting on TV & in movies
  2. Becoming a ‘Brand Ambassador’
  3. Commercial photography (modeling)
  4. Mini Sessions/Experiences
  5. Social Influencing
  6. Video Messages
  7. Off-Season Appearances

Santa’ Ed Taylor has appeared in: 28 TV shows, 7 national commercials, 5 local, regional & international commercials, 11 social media commercials, 4 movies & movie trailers, 3 music videos, 7 commercial photography deals, 12 brand ambassador & influencer deals.

For the past 10 years, these 7 things have directly added more than $20,000 PER YEAR to my annual income… AND I HAVE A TON OF FUN doing them! 🙂

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