Party Pro Manager Software Demo

Party Pro Manager Software Demo by Mitch Zeltzer
Thursday, March 23rd, 5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 Eastern

Think Google Calendar, Wix Forms, Paypal/Square Invoicing, Excel, (and more) all rolled into a single system that works with any party business website.

Booking Forms, Contacts, Event List, Scheduling, Contracts, Catalogue, Billing & Payments, Communication, Templates, Staff Training Tools, and Staff Management.

Now available ON DEMAND (Basic – Platinum Membership required)

Checkout the software now: CLICK HERE

FYI: The Worldwide Santa Claus Network is a Party Pro Manager affiliate. This means we will receive compensation should you buy their products.  This will NOT increase your cost… and it may actually lower it. WSCN will also provide periodic training to our PPM affiliate customers.  

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