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Santa Claus & Post-Show DepressionBlue Santa Claus

A simple Google search will confirm that this is a VERY REAL thing, and it affects many of us Santa Claus portrayal artists; in fact, I experienced every postseason for several years. 

Here’s what it is & what to do about it.

Every December 25th, 26th, 27th… I see many social media posts by Santa Claus portrayal artists saying how difficult it is “going from Santa Claus back to my regular self.” They talk about how busy they have been for the past month and how many smiles they brought to faces, young & old… and now it’s over, and not just over for a day or a week… but over for 10 or 11 MONTHS!

So the good news is that it’s very normal and common to have these feelings… and there are things we can do to get over them quickly… in fact, writing this at 5:30 AM on Christmas morning… my last appearance for the season was 12 hours ago. My wife is sleeping, and we won’t be going over to the kid’s & grandkids’ house for several hours; writing this is hopefully beneficial for you, and it’s definitely therapeutic for me.

About 10 years ago, I discovered that I could hold these post-show blues at bay if I would immediately get busy looking for ways to improve my Claus portrayal. I would think back on each of the appearances I made during the season and think about things that I could have done, or just things, in general, that could have improved each appearance…, and I made notes, LOTS of notes.

This alone really helped… it was like I had a purpose during these days just after Christmas. 

I also began hosting “Debrief Sessions” for Santa & Mrs. Claus portrayal artists every January. These, too, were VERY helpful, and not just for me… hundreds of other Claus portrayers have reported that preparing for and attending these sessions have helped them overcome their post-season depression.

Identifying your purpose for your portraying Santa, and I don’t mean for the money; for Claus portrayers who get paid, the money is a result of your portrayal… but hopefully not the purpose for it. 

Your purpose may be to bring smiles to people, spread a worthy message, encourage good behavior, entertain, perform, stretch your comfort Zone, have an outside activity, etc., etc., etc. Once you are crystal clear about WHY you portray Santa or Mrs. Claus it gets easy to find reasons to get better at it… and once you have a reason to get better… you have something to do on December 26th, 27th, 28th and on into January… and throughout the year.

By the way, the fact that you’re feeling this way is kind of a good thing. It means you really enjoy what you do!

Many Claus portrayal artists have reported that staying in touch with other Claus portrayers throughout the year is also very helpful; in fact, many of our Santa School attendees report that our classes & fellowship sessions every month keep their spirits high all year round.

Santa & Mrs. Claus Debrief sessions are FREE & available to ALL Claus Portrayal Artisits worldwide. NOW ON DEMAND

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  1. For many years, I was Binky TMC, the worst magical clown known to all children. Despite my best effort, the bunny always came out as a chicken. The children loved it. Time and time again, Binky didn’t get the magic right. But the children loved it. The laughter was always there, chicken or not. But like you, when the white face was off, and the children were gone, I felt like something was missing. The laughter and children’s love can’t be beaten. Funny as it may be, when I ran marathons, for more than 20 years, I always felt he same problem. Something was over ! You also got over the finish line every year.

    I’m new to the Santa world. I’m looking forward to being a great Santa. Santa delivers the magic, to young and old. I know it’ll be hard when Dec. 26 day arrives. Binky missed it. But there was always another event or party coming soon. It took me years to see the good side of the kindness and love we get from the children. I learned to always look to the future, how more things I could improve.

    To leave something I once saw when I was clowning in an retirement group, I found how the seniors also wanted the Santa and the clown, as much fun as the children. After the Christmas parade, I always made a visit to the children’s hospital. My friend was with me that day, another clown. It was a loss bet he lost to me, so he went free that day. Our 15 minutes went more than an hour. I’m happy to say, that day was something he never forgot. He was back for many years, and no money. His Santa outfit is amazing, cape and all. The elderly people wait for him every year. Keep up looking forward. Santa is a magical spirit.

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