Being Santa Claus Primer PDF

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Many of us who portray Santa Claus find it one of the most rewarding things we have done in our lives. In this little e-book (PDF doc) 20 Santa Claus portrayal artists share their stories… these stories will warm your heart… and they just might waken your ‘Santa gene.’

9 reviews for Being Santa Claus Primer PDF

  1. Bill Hoglund (verified owner)

    Wonderful tales about sharing the magic and joy of Christmas Spirit!

  2. Clarence Russell (verified owner)

    I enjoyed every story. There is a common thread here,be honest and kind.

  3. Charles Adler (verified owner)

    It seems history repeats itself . Again as my wife and I were out to Breakfast . We sat next to a Family . Of course the little one kept looking the other way when I looked at him . But all of a sudden he was working on his Christmas list ! Turns out they have a Charity Foundation and need a Santa . News to follow as to what happens . But everything I mentioned was happening then and happening again now ! To spread the joy of Christmas and Santa , we are so privileged!

  4. Santa Jay Swafford (verified owner)

    Great book

  5. Russell Lee (verified owner)

    Great stories on the journeys of numerous “Brothers in Red.” A few stories even brought tears to my eyes.

  6. Chuck Parkin (verified owner)

    Such a good book. Good stories. Several inspirational passages.

  7. Tom Balchak (verified owner)

    Heartfelt journeys of those who portray this admirable character.

  8. kringle Patrick (verified owner)

    Great read and experiences as Santa…need more stories let me know..I’m a 40 yr Mr n Mrs Claus team ..we travel slot so lots of fun events..

  9. George Gubko Jr. (verified owner)

    Fascinating journey of so many people to be drawn to such a beautiful commitment to bring joy to children of all ages. The stories are magical. Thank you all for your memories.

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