Santa Claus Actors for Hire

Primarily 2 different types of Santa Claus actors.

  1. Actors who play Santa Claus.
  2. Santa Clauses who are actors.

Ed Asner, Kurt Russell, Edmund Gwenn, etc. are examples of the former.

I’m an example of the latter.

After many years of being a “Santa Claus Portrayal Artist” I tried my hand at being an actor who specializes in play Santa Claus, first in TV & Internet commercials and later in TV shows & movies.

Now with many dozens of commercials, TV shows & movie appearances under my big belt I’m comfortable calling myself an actor, a Santa Claus actor. To view my resume & reel click here.

I’m not alone, there are thousands of Santa Claus Portrayal Artists across the country and around the world… and several hundred of them have also crossed over into acting.

Santa Claus actors in Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Vancouver, Toronto, Canada, and in many other cities across the US & Canada are members of The Santa Claus Conservatory.

If you’re a Santa Claus interested in acting, let me know and I will get you information about our coaching program.

If you’re interested in casting an authentic Santa Claus in any type of production, anywhere worldwide, contact me. With nearly 3,000 active members and reach that extends beyond that it’s very likely that I could get you several auditions in very short order.

“Santa” Ed Taylor – 424-343-9555 santa at santa ed dot com
Santa Claus Actor Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Dallas

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