Santa Claus Booking Agents

Across the US, Canada, and around the world Santa Claus booking agents or Santa Claus talent agents help make sure Santa Claus is just where he’s supposed to be.

Hire a Santa CLICK HERE or CALL 424-343-9555

When you’re ready to hire a Santa for an event or long-term engagement, a Santa Claus Talent Agency or Santa Booking Agent can help you locate a terrific Santa that meets your needs.

The Worldwide Santa Claus Network provides training, coaching, and mentoring to thousands of professional Santas & Mrs. Clauses worldwide.

Booking Agents, as well as companies and individuals booking Santas directly, are looking for professional Santas who are well-trained. Having completed The Santa Claus Conservatory “core curriculum” gives agents and individuals a sense of increased confidence and comfort.

Santa Claus Booking Agents

If you’re a Santa Claus booking agent looking to book Santas in the US, Canada, England, Australia, or any other location worldwide, simply give Santa Ed Taylor a call at 424-343-9555 or pop us an email, and we’ll see if we can help you find the perfect Santa Claus for your event. LEARN MORE about Santa Ed. Santa Ed Taylor is a premier Santa Claus who is frequently seen on TV, in movies, and at High-Profile events.

If you’re a Santa Claus interested in getting booked for events, simply pop us an email with a photo and contact info. We’ll get back to you to discuss our booking/referral process. You become a Gold or Platinum member and completing a minimum of our 9 Session “Core-Curriculum” is required unless you have significant experience and references.

Santa Claus pay rates vary depending on the location, day, time as well as performance requirements of the Santa. Mrs. Claus, elves, and other Christmas characters are also available. The duration of the event can also affect the hourly rate paid. Contact us with the specifics, and we’ll try to help you establish a budget.

Many of our Santas have experience working on TV & movie sets.

We also have many Santas who can create excellent “webcam” type Santa videos and Santa video chats.

Santas looking for Booking Agent or Talent Agent gigs…

The Worldwide Santa Claus Network works with Santa Claus Talent and Booking Agents worldwide.

Santa Claus Chrysler Commercial
TV Commercial Santa Claus

Members of this Network get access to a “Santa Claus Jobs Board” with Santa jobs offered nationally & internationally both directly and through Santa Claus booking agents.

The list is updated regularly throughout the year.

Hire a Santa CLICK HERE or CALL 424-343-9555

Santa Claus for Hire

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Santa Claus?

Santa Claus Talent Agents…

If you are interested in getting work on TV and/or in the movies, become a PLATINUM Member of this Conservatory.

Santa Claus Video Chat Expert Consultant

Santa Claus Groups, Associations, and Organizations

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  1. Ed,

    Where do you go to find an agent in my area? (Nashville,Tn.)
    What is a reasonable rate that they charge? If you turn down something that is offered, do you have to give a reason?
    Thank you for all your help. This has been a big year so far. I have 3 parades and many photography shoots already on the calendar.
    Not to mention the personal home visits from repeat customers.
    Thanks for all you are doing to help us.

  2. I am interested i becoming a Santa Claus in 2021. What could I expect financially, as a general rule?How would I find an agent in my area (Mpls-Stpaul MN) area

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