Santa Claus Insurance

Does Your Santa Claus Insurance Policy Provide Coverage For…

Theft? Are you covered if during a “Breakfast with Santa” your props are stolen while
you are taking pictures?

What if your Santa suits are damaged while at home or on set?

What if a child slips and falls on the presents next to your chair, requiring dental or medical expenses of $40,000 or more. Are you covered?

What if you have Mrs. Claus or Elves join you for a special party, are they covered under your Santa Claus Insurance policy?

Say you accidentally double book an evening, and the host of the event you can’t attend incurs expenses finding substitute entertainment. Are you covered?

What if a location where you are appearing requires that your policy name them as an Additional Insured and provide a copy of the certificate. Can you quickly access a certificate of coverage?

Learn the answers to these and many additional questions from Bill Peel. Bill is Second Vice President at USLI, which is a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies and an

Santa Claus Insurance Expert
Bill Peel

A++ rated company that supports its products with financial strength and stability.

In his role as Second Vice President, Bill has:

  • Been a Personal Lines Team Leader
  • 12+ years of insurance experience
  • Led the sales efforts for USLI Home Based Business Product

Insurance Designations:

  • API (Associates in Personal Insurance)
  • AINS (Associates in General Insurance)
  • Property & Casualty License in Pennsylvania

Bill is looking forward to sharing his knowledge about Entertainer’s Liability Insurance for Santa Claus performers during this webinar.

The session is scheduled for Tuesday, October 1st at 5:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 Eastern time.

If I should have a last-minute conflict (at this time of year there are often last-minute TV & movie auditions & shoots), we will conduct the session at the same time on Thursday.

AVAILABLE ‘On-Demand’ – Click Here

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