Santa Claus Mentor

Having a Santa Claus mentor can greatly benefit a Santa Claus portrayal artist by providing guidance, support, and feedback. A Santa Claus mentor can help you develop your skills and techniques and provide you with valuable insights into the world of extraordinary Santa Claus portrayal.

A Santa Claus mentor can also help you to better understand the role of Santa Claus and what it takes to be a successful Santa Claus portrayal artist. They can offer advice on how to create a realistic and authentic Santa Claus character and help you to develop your own unique style and approach.

In addition, a Santa Claus mentor can help you to stay motivated and focused on your goals and provide you with encouragement and support as you work to improve your Santa Claus portrayal skills. They can also help you to network and connect with other Santa Claus portrayal artists and professionals, which can be invaluable in building your career and advancing your skills.

Ultimately, having a Santa Claus mentor can be a key factor in helping you to become a better Santa Claus portrayal artist. By providing guidance, support, and feedback, a mentor can help you to develop your skills, build your confidence, and achieve your goals as a Santa Claus portrayal artist.


‘Santa’ Ed first appeared as Santa Claus in 2003. He instantly fell in love with “being” Santa. He spent the next 6 years as a volunteer Santa appearing in parades, Tree Lighting ceremonies, and many “Free Photos with Santa” community events.

In 2011 ‘Santa’ Ed accepted a few paid Santa positions, including one with Microsoft in Los Angeles, where he was part of the launch campaign with the actress & model Brooke Burke.

Since 2011 ‘Santa’ Ed has redefined the possibilities available to Santa Claus Portrayal Artists.

In addition to making appearances in malls & retail stores, ‘Santa’ Ed has made hundreds of personal appearances at home & company parties; he’s appeared at schools, senior centers, Beverly Hills & Malibu mansions, The Projects of East Los Angeles, he’s appeared at hospitals and for the Make-A-Wish foundation. He’s appeared on 28 TV shows, 7 national commercials, 5 local, regional & international commercials, 11 social media commercials, 4 movies & movie trailers, 3 music videos, 7 commercial photography deals, 12 brand ambassador & influencer deals.

‘Santa’ Ed has provided training to thousands of Santa Claus Portrayal Artists across the United States and around the world. In 2020 he provided hundreds of Santas with FREE training on how to provide authentic ‘Virtual Visits.’ In 2022 he also presented at the Theme Entertainment Association’s Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience conference.

‘Santa’ Ed is truly a master at portraying Santa Claus, spreading the Christmas Spirit, and helping others do the same.

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