Santa Claus Portrayal Artist Training

Have you ever wondered if you need any training to be a professional Santa Claus?

You don’t. I portrayed Santa for 8 years before attending a Santa School. That said, attending a professional Santa Claus school can give you a bunch of pointers that can make ‘being’ Santa more enjoyable… and more profitable.

I’ve heard some Santa say they felt that in some Santa Claus performance training workshops they felt like they were a square peg in a round hole. Don’t worry about it. I have had the great pleasure of working with thousands of professional Santas… and I can confidently say that there is a way for anyone to play, or what I say “portray” Santa Claus.

A portrayal artist “becomes” the character and interacts with people and their environment in a natural way, creating the illusion that they are the character. Portrayal artists can also do performances, but not all performers are portrayal artists.

The Santa Claus Conservatory provides Santa Claus Portrayal Artist Training for aspiring Santas worldwide. Learn more here- https://worldwide-santa-claus-network.com/

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