Santa Claus School Introduction

See why the Worldwide Santa Claus Network Santa School is to be the Most Comprehensive, Most Up-To-Date, Most Convenient & Least Expensive Santa School in the World.

00:02:13 Raymond Bradshaw: ‘Ello Omicron-Stealth?
00:02:13 Nick Barberio: Hello from New York City
00:03:15 Sternal Bert: Hello from Toledo Oh.
00:03:26 Michael Farmer: Hello, from Long Beach CA.
00:04:52 Dean Rowan: giving you a chance to pitch me Ed, I’m considering going with a monthly payment.
00:05:20 Wayne Dendler: Howdy from the south suburbs of Chicago
00:05:35 Michael Ricci: Hello from Colorado
00:06:03 Clyde Clevenger: Howdy from Salem, Oregon.
00:06:32 Topper Ellis: Hello from the bottom of Illinois. Harrisburg
00:06:34 Barry Spencer: Good evening from Mississippi
00:06:53 Cecil Johnson: Howdy from the Central Coast of California.
00:08:31 Brian Howald: hello from Richland wa
00:09:30 Gary: Ed, ask your doctor about the regeneron infusion for the covid.
00:12:24 Brian Howald: exactly why i enjoy it. i can get in any time
00:14:11 Jamie Saucier: cant figure out how to make my camera to work on this video.
00:16:42 David Brown: Jamie, the button with the video camera… See the up arrow right beside it? click that and check to see if your video camera is listed there. If it is, select your camera and click it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to troubleshoot outside of zoom first.
00:18:43 RICHARD STAHLEY: Are these the same 9 courses I took online and received a certificate for?
00:18:57 Sternal Bert: yes
00:19:41 RICHARD STAHLEY: What benefit if I attend these live classes? Is there a cost to attend the live sessions?
00:20:06 David Brown: Are you a gold or platinum level?
00:20:31 RICHARD STAHLEY: Gold member 2nd year
00:20:51 David Brown: The live classes allows you to participate in the discussions and bounce your questions off the entire group live.
00:21:06 RICHARD STAHLEY: Thank you
00:21:46 Raymond Bradshaw: Is everyone well?
00:21:47 David Brown: The recordings are great, but you don’t get the opportunity to ask questions or bounce ideas off the live group. You still have the facebook group to do all of that though.
00:22:31 Thom High: So i upgraded to a silver membership, is that going away too?
00:22:37 Raymond Bradshaw: Hello Thom, I hope that suit works out for you
00:23:30 RICHARD STAHLEY: What is the cost to upgrade to platinum from gold?
00:25:08 Sternal Bert: Is there a way to search the site for specific topics?
00:27:55 Raymond Bradshaw: How about making podcast of the older sessions?
00:32:10 Bart Gaffney: I’m sold…. take my money! 😉
00:35:38 Raymond Bradshaw: Can Monthly Gold be upgraded to Yearly?
00:38:25 Brent Hale: Audio only for traveling
00:38:32 Raymond Bradshaw: It’s an auido recording for ipod
00:38:39 Nick Barberio: Maybe it is easier to listen while doing stuff
00:38:39 Raymond Bradshaw: portable
00:39:51 Raymond Bradshaw: I have no mike just now
00:39:57 Brent Hale: If you are “watching” from a phone but really only want to listen, you can’t close the phone display and just listen, you must have the webpage pulled up. A podcast would free up your device to do other tings
00:42:50 Brent Hale: This may not need to be answered in the group call but…. Would there be a way to set up a “donation” option for a membership “scholarship” for someone who might not be able to afford membership?
00:43:05 Nick Barberio: Is website hosting part of the membership?
00:44:54 Raymond Bradshaw: Gesundheit
00:44:56 Michael Suggs: Glad you’re not feeling terrible Ed. Prayers for a speedy recovery and mild symptoms.
00:47:22 Mike Connor: Is there a preference for systems to use ie Apple vs Microsoft?
00:48:12 Santa Ed Taylor:
00:48:31 David Brown: Bart, YouTube can also be your best friend for self-learning streaming technology.
00:50:06 Raymond Bradshaw: I have hundreds of nutcrackers my mother left to me when she passed
00:50:38 Don & Carolyn Rekeweg: important to have sufficient video memory on a separate video card
00:50:41 Nick Barberio: Will you still be helping people to audition for things like Jinglering (helping to create an audition tape?) and is that a gold or Platinum membership?
00:52:53 Blake Menzing: who asked about set design/chair building?
01:00:33 Raymond Bradshaw: That is what I am facing working for the school district
01:01:30 Raymond Bradshaw: I only pulled in just under 17K working child nutrition, money is tight during the summer break
01:01:55 Bart Gaffney: Was there mention of a session for establishing a timeline of services seasonally and marketing those separate services in order to maximize and expand the portrayal season?
01:02:26 Bart Gaffney: In the haunt industry our timeline starts Nov 1 for the next season.
01:03:03 Raymond Bradshaw: Smiling has been this weeks project
01:04:26 David Brown: Jen, you should be on the Platinum level just to help some of the rest of us!
01:09:36 Jen Z: David- I’m always around to answer any questions 🙂 Again, I don’t know everything, but I am pretty knowledgable on a lot of it. 🙂
01:10:16 Raymond Bradshaw: My case is I need eyebrows
01:10:47 David Brown: Thanks Jen! I’ll hit you up with a list of questions as I run across those thoughts. Hehe.
01:11:09 Allan Hawkins: Brand new Santa this year. Received my first suit last week. Joined Platinum just so I could have access to everything. I want to take advantage of every opportunity from charity to TV.
01:11:40 Raymond Bradshaw: Allan this is my 1st year as well
01:11:53 Raymond Bradshaw: And I am growing mine out
01:12:01 Allan Hawkins: My name is Tim ALLAN lol
01:18:34 DeWayne Corbitt: Why do you not have South Carolina on your Hire Santa?
01:19:33 Brian Howald: same here. 3 weeks ug
01:23:05 Nick Barberio: Hope you feel better Ed. Thank you
01:23:24 Raymond Bradshaw: And format
01:24:33 Randy Schriever: Thanks ED, see you in the class
01:24:56 Raymond Bradshaw: Adobe Premier is part of the Adobe CC subscription.
01:25:06 hunter moss: i have a photo/video biz… maybe i could help or provide my services
01:25:07 Topper Ellis: looking forward to being in class with everyone.
01:26:00 David Brown: Bob, thanks for the heads up. I’ve been playing with the mixer today. I probably have my compression messed up.
01:26:42 David Brown: Jen, sorry! LOL I wasn’t paying attention to the chat correctly… Trying to fix my compression on my mixer. LoL
01:26:59 David Brown: Allan, I’d love to. Ig you’re on Facebook, friend me! Or hit me up in the WSCN group.
01:28:18 Santa Ed Taylor:
01:28:32 Raymond Bradshaw: I am boosted myself
01:28:33 Nick Barberio: Take care!
01:28:38 David Brown: Bob, yeah I was replying to Jen, but trying to talk at you. Sorry

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