Santa Claus Virtual Exeriences

For many years I referred to Skype calls, Facetime calls, Hello Santa & Talk to Santa calls, etc. as “VIDEO CHATS with Santa Claus”.

Last year I started referring to these types of calls as “VIRTUAL VISITS with Santa Claus”.

I’m now moving toward “VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES with Santa Claus”.

Here’s why…
I believe the word experience better captures what families and children can expect from the companies and individual Santas who are using Zoom & other technologies to connect.

It is also a more modern and timely vernacular that connects the ‘Santa Visit’ with the growing trend amongst Millennials to provide ‘experiences’ for their families rather than buying more stuff.

If you agree, here are some questions to ponder:

  • What are the keys to building engaging audience experiences?
  • How do we turn in-person ‘visits’ into extraordinary experiences?
  • How do we turn digital engagement into extraordinary experiences?
  • How do we create a continuous journey of experiences for our clients?

Here’s an informative article too…

GOLD & PLATINUM Members: I think this might be an interesting topic for an upcoming “Mentoring Session.”  Thoughts?

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