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“I believe I’ve created the highest quality, most affordable, school for Santa’s in the world. No travel. All classes are available “on demand” from your computer, tablet or smart phone. All classes also include personal 1 on 1 coaching/mentoring. $247 provides access to all 9 classes, nearly 15 hours of instruction.” 
Santa Ed Taylor


As an introduction to my online Santa Claus School, or Santa Claus University. I created a FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION 18 Tips to Make 2018 Your Best Santa Season Ever.

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My goal is to help every Santa become an EXTRAORDINARY Santa Claus Portrayal Artist!!!

This FREE introductory training session is focused on “Building Your Santa Business in 2019”. You receive 2 tips on each of the following 9 Topics:

  • Setting Up Your Santa Business
  • Marketing Your Santa Business
  • Booking & Performing Home Visits
  • Becoming an Extraordinary Santa Claus Portrayal Artist
  • Use Video Chats to Boost Income & Have Fun from Home
  • Booking & Performing Corporate Visits
  • Getting on TV for Fun & Profits
  • Developing Other Revenue Sources as Santa Claus
  • Booking & Performing Community Events

I’m confident you will pick-up at least a couple of tips you can use this year to add more fun, and more profits, to your Santa business in 2019.

If you have any questions you would like answered please send them to me in an email and I’ll do the best I can to answer them for you.


Talk with you soon,

P.S. You can learn more about me at SantaEd.com. I was a 100% volunteer Santa from 2004-2010. In 2011 I took a mall job. In 2012, 13, & 14 I conducted Home Parties, Corporate Events, Community Events and TV shows and commercials. In fact last year I had 3 TV commercials airing, several Internet commercials, appeared in studio for a newscast and appeared on a game show and a reality show.

My corporate clients include Facebook, Mattel Toys, Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, the LA Lakers & Clippers and many more. See SantaEd.com Enroll on the right.

P.P.S. Please forward this email to any Santa’s you know who may be interested in this session.

“Santa and Mrs Claus were a hit with everyone one of them! They engaged the kids and adults alike! We will not hesitate to use them in the future!”
Carol Lynch
Mattel Toys

“Your portrayal of Santa was raved by both customers and staff at the store. You brought so much joy and positive energy to the event. You are the best Santa we’ve ever had here! We look forward to booking you again and again when Christmas comes!” 
Cameron Lee
Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills

“Santa Ed we can’t thank you enough for coming to our Holiday Party! You were so incredibly authentic, kind and fun. You brought so much joy to everyone (big kids and small kids alike)! We couldn’t have asked for more, you truly made it a party to remember—Rioters have been raving about how amazing you were all day! Thank you again for such a memorable experience. We look forward to having you again next year!”
Elizabeth Stenson
Riot Games

Santa Ed was featured in the 2004 & 2005 Christmas Parade in Jacksonville, Oregon, and the 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 Christmas Parade in Ashland Oregon.

In 2011, 2012 & 2013 Santa Ed made many appearances in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, California. These appearances include the LA Lakers, the LA Clippers, Niemen Marcus Beverly Hills, Century City Mall, Mattel Toys, Marina City Club, Big Strike USA, Riot Games, Torrance Airport, MTV, the Today Show, TMZ and many others.

Website- http://santaed.com

January 28, 2015

At the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas convention last week I was kind of taken off guard. I expected to get a lot of questions about video chatting as Santa… that was the topic of the class I was teaching.

I was not expecting to get so many questions about how I became Santa for Mattel Toys, Niemen Marcus, the LA Lakers, the Clippers and dozens of other high profile and high paying events.

FORBS Santas small 2014

And TV… A lot of Santas wanted to know how I got booked to shot 2 TV commercials, and how I got booked as a featured guest on one of MTV’s top comedy shows, Ridiculousness, and how I got on the Today Show and TMZ!  In 2013 I also recruited & trained over 100 Santas for the new “Hello Santa” Video Chat App.

The question I kept hearing all weekend- WHAT IN THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO GET ALL OF THOSE GREAT BOOKINGS?!

By the way, if you don’t know me, my name is Santa Ed Taylor. And I didn’t have any inside help. I don’t “know people” in Hollywood or anything like that. Up until 3 years ago the only Santa experience I had was volunteering in and around my small town of Ashland, Oregon.

So here’s what I have decided. I’m going to share what I’ve done and what I’ve have learned via “web-based” training programs- webinars. You will be able to attend at home via your computer.

I’m going to start with the FREE session outlined above.

Santa Claus with Reindeer

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