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How to Use Canva 2 10-12-22

How to use Canva to quickly improve your marketing materials.

Santa School 10-11-22

BUSINESS CONSIDERATIONS – Your rates, deal structuring, scheduling, virtual visits, accounting, and other important business considerations.

Santa School 10-04-22

We cross our marketing t’s & dot our i’s and then move into “Other Opportunities.” What do you do if you get a request to appear in a promotional video, or asked to join a podcast, or a media interview? These are things that can potentially be very fun, beneficial, and even lucrative, or they can cause regret… we’ll help you be prepared for unique opportunities.

Fall Session 2 09-27-22

Marketing in September. We cover more on marketing and work on developing the most prized portrayal trait- AUTHENTICITY.

Fall School 1 09-20-22

Over 85% of Santa booking inquiries come in November & December. In this session, you will learn what to do right now to make sure your calendar is full of your most desirable types of appearances.

Intro to Santa School 09-19-22

Intro to Santa School and overview of what you will learn.

Storytelling SHS 09-15-22

Storytelling & Book Reading: Claus Portrayal Artists sharing experiences and tips.

Santas Helping Santas Marketing 9-13-22

“Santas Helping Santas – MARKETING“ The focus of this session is MARKETING YOUR SANTA BUSINESS. During this session, you will have the opportunity to learn from & share with Santas across the country & around the world.

Mind Map Wrap Up

A discussion with Santas about what they have learned from the sessions & their own Santa experiences.

Find Your Why

The importance of getting clear about WHY you want to portray Santa or Mrs. Claus.

Mind Map Session 11

Other Opportunities for Santa

Gig Salad

GIG SALAD: How to MAXIMIZE BOOKINGS & MINIMIZE COSTS. This session gives you insider tips on how to maximize your rates & bookings on Gig Salad.

Mind Map Session 9

Marketing with Social Media and Gig Sites

Diverse Santa Session

This session covers subjects unique to Santas of different ethnic groups.

Mind Map Session 8

Website Traffic and Conversions

Mind Map Session 7

Marketing Strategies

Mind Map Session 6

Your Santa Business

Logos and Branding

Learn how to develop a logo for your Santa business.

Mind Map Session 5

Pro Bono Appearances

Canva for Clauses

How to use Canva to improve your marketing online & off.

Sequence of Events (Run of Show)

How to Get Great Photos & Your Sequence of Events (Various Venues)

Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual Backgrounds... learn about using virtual (green screen / chroma key) backgrounds with your virtual (Zoom) Santa visits.

What to Say & What Not to Say

What To Say & Do And What NOT To Say & Do

Transformational Experiences

Many parents prefer to provide their children with experiences rather than toys. This session will help your understand the importance of what are called Transformational Experiences.

Mind Map Session 2

Santa Visits, Jobs & In-Person Appearances (personal & virtual)

Mind Map Session 1

This session covers your Santa looks, you wardrobe, your head and your demeanor.

Modeling as Santa or Mrs Claus

An article about commercial photography and modeling.

Summer School Intro Sessions

Santa School Intro/Overview

The Power of Santa Claus- Mk Haley

The Power Of Santa Claus- Mk Haley This was the kick-off session of the 2022 Worldwide Santa Claus Summit

Worldwide Santa Claus Summit 2022

Worldwide Santa Claus Summit 2022: Nearly 6 hours of learning from Santas and other experts around the world.

The Mind Map Sessions

Your Santa look & demeanor.

Q & A 04-26-22

A few dozen Santas talking about various aspects of their Santa portrayal…


Contract to model. Be sure to get legal advice from a lawyer in your state.

Jessica Rosa – Photography

Things you should know about working with photographers.

One Sheets

Examples of One-Sheets

Christmas in July and Off Season Appearances

Christmas In July And Off Season Appearances

Headshot Advice from Jodie Bentley

Headshots... their importance and how to make sure yours do what they're supposed to do.

Marketing 2022

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