Santas in Especially High Demand This Season

I’ve only been paying attention to this sort of thing since 2011 but I’ve never seen a greater demand for Santas… or greater uncertainty about the Santa Season.

With Cherry Hill, JingleRing, and others offering recruiting & signing bonuses and JingleRing even hiring Santa and Mrs. Clauses as employees rather than independent contractors. This of course allows California Santas to work and eliminates the risk of having an Independent Contractor vs Employee lawsuit down the road that knocks the wind out of their sails. (For years many legal experts have questioned the classification of Santas as Independent contractors. Of course, those who retain Independent Contractors cannot provide training, dictate how work is to be done, etc.)

JingleRing co-founder Walt Geer will be conducting an “Introducing JingleRing” Zoom Session Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 Eastern REGISTER HERE  (The $100 ‘Red Suit Referral Bonus’ is still in place, so invite your Santa and Mrs. Claus friends. If they let JingleRing know you referred them, and they work 100 hours for JingleRing you could earn $100!) 

This Year Santas have more options than ever… and of course more risk. Out of necessity many, if not all, traditional contracts now have cancellation clauses allowing the contract to be canceled with little or no pay to the Santa.

In addition to the risk of your work being pulled out from under you, there is, of course, the health risk we all face this year.

While many traditional events like parades, Tree Lighting ceremonies, company & even home parties have been canceled, some people are opting for a “Santa Drive By” and, of course, new virtual visit opportunities are cropping up everywhere.

Some companies, like Jingle Ring, have built complete proprietary platforms and have large marketing partners, others are using Zoom, Facetime or Skype… but one way or another Santa Claus will be there for the children this year.  

Some Santas will be offering virtual visits using a static cloth background, or a 3-D set, or even a chroma key video background… in fact, 192 Clauses have already downloaded the Video Background we created.

Then there are all of the difficult questions… starting with “What should I do?”

For me the answer was easy, I was planning on staying home this Christmas anyway. 9 years away from home at Christmastime is enough, especially now that I have 2 grandchildren. So since I’m staying home, and have no clients here, I’ll be doing 100% virtual visits… and I’ll tell you, it is a real relief to have made that decision.


Since May the Worldwide Santa Claus Network has had 21,273 “User Sessions” on the website. 

The most popular training sessions at the Worldwide Santa Claus Network this Summer have been:

  • Virtual Visits 101 
  • The Santa Video Set Set-Up 
  • Self-Tape Auditions-JingleRing Audition
  • Introduction to OBS
  • Virtual Visits Course

Well over 1,000 Clauses have watched 1 or more of these sessions.

Santa, and the thousands who portray him are creative and exceedingly committed to bringing the Christmas Spirit to families across the country and around the world! 

On a personal note, many people have asked how I became the Brand Ambassador of JingleRing. I tell the story in this short video…

In the weeks ahead the Worldwide Santa Claus Network will be providing many more FREE training sessions on actually conducting virtual visits. These sessions will be available to ALL CLAUSES worldwide. The only requirement is membership in the Worldwide Santa Claus Network, any membership, INCLUDING FREE, will get you access to these sessions.

Lastly, FREE TRAINING SESSION “Working with Designer Beards”. On September 16th designer beard expert Thomas Sheerin will show you tips and tricks to having an extraordinary look as a Designer Beard Santa. REGISTER HERE


NOTIFICATION OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: Ed Taylor, Santa Ed, That Santa Guy, the proprietor of the Worldwide Santa Claus Network dot com receives compensation from JingleRing. Ed consults with, helps recruit Santas, and serves as a ‘Brand JingleRing logoAmbassador’ for JingleRing. Any relationship you enter into with JingleRing may result in compensation being paid to Ed Taylor.

2 thoughts on “Santas in Especially High Demand This Season”

  1. Ed you really sound impressed and I truly trust your judgement. After a simple knee replacement I wound up in a wheelchair and was looking a giving up what I lived for because I had become Santa, 24/7. They even wanted to take my leg. I was more depressed about not being Santa than I was about losing my leg. Fortunately the doctor saved my leg but a second surgery left me with a leg that won’t straighten and is useless for walking or standing and put me in the wheelchair. Then there was Virtual Santa, where Santa doesn’t need legs, only problem is because of the virus, I’ll have thousands of competitors. OH well, just one more challenge to overcome! Merry Christmas, Santa Dennis

  2. Great news that your leg was saved, and yes, virtual visits will be great for you. Sure, there may be thousands of other Clauses doing it, but there are also MILLIONS of families wanting it. 🙂

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