This Thursday I’m conducting a FREE training session on “How to Produce Extraordinary ‘Self-Tape’ Auditions”. The session will be primarily geared to Santa & Mrs. Clauses who are interested in auditioning for JingleRing*,  BUT, the information presented in this session will also be directly applicable if you’re asked to submit a self-tape audition for any TV commercial or part in a movie or TV show. 

For that reason, I decided to open this free session up to ALL Santas & Mrs. Clauses worldwide. (Nearly 100 Santas & Mrs. Clauses have already registered.)

During the session, I’ll share how I’ve booked commercials and TV shows (including an appearance on an NBC sit-com earlier this year) with self-tape auditions.  You will also get to see the ‘audition side’ (script) for the JingleRing audition and receive very specific coaching for that audition. 

To register:
Login into https://worldwide-santa-claus-network.com/, (at any level, FREE – Platinum) once you’re logged in you’ll see “JingleRing HUB PAGE – click here” click it

Once on the JingleRing Hub Page you will see:
JingleRing Intro Session 07-23-20 CLICK HERE
To complete the JingleRing Application CLICK HERE
“Self-Tape” Audition Training REGISTER HERE

Click REGISTER HERE after the “Self-Tape” Audition Training

*NOTIFICATION OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: Ed Taylor, Santa Ed, That Santa Guy, the proprietor of The Santa Claus Conservatory dot com, receives compensation from JingleRing. Ed consults with, helps recruit & train Santas, and serves as a ‘Brand Ambassador’ for JingleRing. Any relationship you enter into with JingleRing may result in additional compensation being paid to Ed Taylor. 

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