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Background checks are a requirement for many Santa appearances. I’ve had schools, country clubs, sports teams, hospitals, various companies, and many TV production companies run background checks on me before approving my appearance at their events.

While a few, and the number gets fewer by the year, would accept a background check that I supplied most required that the background check be done by their supplier.

The other day I was talking with a Santa about an audition for TV commercial I helped him book and during our conversations, he mentioned how surprised he was when he saw a background check that another TV production company ran on him. He was very shocked to see several of his social media posts show up in this check… he was hired for the job, but the fact that his background check included a report on his social media surprised him.

By the way, this is not unique to Santa Claus portrayal artists, many employers require background checks on all of their employees… as do many volunteer organizations. I used to do a lot of volunteer work (Junior Achievement & others) for elementary schools both here in Southern Oregon & in the Los Angeles area, they all required passing a background check.

Most of us are familiar with ‘Criminal Background Checks’ that check our criminal records… but I’m not sure how many Santa Claus Portrayal Artists are familiar with ‘Social Media Background Checks’. These background checks scour social media looking through your posts and references to you. 

These Social Media Background Checks are becoming increasingly popular. As it turns out many employers use the information in these checks to help determine if the candidate is a good ‘cultural fit’ for the organization.

Here are 7 Ways to FAIL a Social Media Background Check…

  1. Posting Discriminatory Actions & Remarks
    10% of all social media checks are flagged.
    66% of them are flagged because of racist comments.
  2. Provocative Pics
    These pictures can be viewed in poor taste.
  3. Bad Mouthing an Employer
    “My boss is the worst.” “I don’t know how some of the people at my job can even tie their shoes in the morning! How did they get hired here!” Poor comments about a candidate’s coworkers, their boss or the company they work for are not very appealing to a future employer.
  4. Unlawful Activity
    While some states have legalized marijuana however sharing stories and comments online regarding its use can still be a deal-breaker with some employers, even if a candidate is practicing within the law.
  5. Violent Activity/Remarks
    A candidate may feel like they are joking around by sharing videos with violence or making comments on violent videos and pictures. Potential employers may not see it this way.
  6. Being 2-Faced
    If a candidate seems sweet as pie in an interview but comes back with things of a violent nature on Instagram, the candidate may not be genuine.
  7. Being Absent
    According to, 57% of recruiters are less likely to hire a candidate they cannot find online.

Here’s what a company that provides background checks tells employers:

Social media background checks can save employers a lot of the headaches that come with a bad hire. If you knew someone posted racial remarks or had violent behaviors, you wouldn’t want them on your team. Conducting these checks on your own can lead to viewing fake accounts or setting your company up for a discrimination lawsuit because of protected class information you saw online. Using a professional employment screening company is your best bet for a social media background check.

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Here’s another-

A few years ago I made up this acronym for SANTA Simply Act Nicely To All

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  1. All make sense to me. If you’re going to be Santa, it’s a wise idea to follow thru year round, in or out of that Jolly red suit.

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