Suppliers/Vendors to the Santa/Mrs. Claus Community

We accept select vendors as advertisers/sponsors of The Worldwide Santa Claus Network dot com. To qualify you must:

  1. Have a terrific product or service that would be of interest or value to those in the Santa/Mrs. Claus Community.
  2. Provide excellent customer service.
  3. Be willing to provide a product sample and/or satisfactory references from others in the Santa community.

So far in 2019, The Worldwide Santa Claus Network dot com has averaged 1,318 visitors per month. Visits are typically 30-50% higher in October, November & December.

Our website traffic looks like this:

Website Visitors & Year Over Year Growth

The typical Santa Convention or Gathering has fewer than 600 attendees (usually WAY fewer). This website averages more than twice that number every month, and 3 to 4 times that in October, November & December.

In addition, I often use the products of our sponsors and I mention them in our webinars & Facebook Group, which also has more than 2,000 members.

For sponsorship consideration contact ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor
424-343-9555 or santa@SantaEd.com

A letter from or sponsor “Angel Kissed Designs”…

I have had the pleasure of being one of Santa Ed Taylor’s sponsors on his fabulous Worldwide Santa Claus Network website. When we first collaborated he suggested that we have a Skype call… what a treat! He bursts with positive energy, joy, and insight. Santa Ed was so encouraging and detailed in the making our new Santa backdrops. His input was invaluable to the quality and needs of the Santa community.

Designing and working with Ed has been both an honor and delight. In addition to his design input, Santa Ed has an enormous amount of knowledge with marketing and is more than willing to share with us…. hence, bringing more clients our way.

Our Christmas sales have grown tremendously since becoming a sponsor. We are even getting clients from the United Kingdom through Santa Ed!! It is so much fun doing business when sales increase… without a doubt the exposure through the Conservatory has benefited us in new revenue.

We are so very grateful that Santa Ed has given us the opportunity to partner with him and help other Santa’s be the best they can be…. and bring a little more love and joy to our planet.

Thank you, Santa Ed… you are a beautiful soul 🙂


For sponsorship consideration contact ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor
424-343-9555 or santa@SantaEd.com

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