Take a Moment

We, the members of Worldwide Santa Claus Network, are doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing this time of the year… we’re bringing light into the darkest days of the year.

Our members are appearing in parades and at Tree Lighting ceremonies, many are visiting families at home & at photos studios, many are making appearances at company Christmas parties, many more are appearing at malls & in retail stores. We have Santas & Mrs. Clauses making virtual visits… making personalized videos, we have Clauses being featured in news stories and on TV shows & commercials.

We have some members experiencing being a Claus Portrayal Artist for the first time. Some are arriving at events on fire trucks, others in helicopters, some arriving in horse-drawn carriages, and some on motorcycles.  We have members on Polar Express trains and at theme parks.

All of these things are happening for our members in the US & Canada as well as for our members in the UK, Australia, Japan, South America, Africa and other places around the world… it’s amazing! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!

And ‘the icing on the cake’ or in this case perhaps ‘the frosting on this Yule Log’ is that we, us light-bringers, are simultaneously being blessed with adding light, purpose, and contentment to our own lives.

As I spend time in our Facebook Group reading posts from members it’s not uncommon for my eyes to well-up a bit as I grasp the emotions being expressed and the impact we’re having on the communities and people we serve.

All of us who do what we do know just how blessed we are… and I hope we all take a few moments, right now, during our busy time to reflect on the role we play in spreading the Christmas Spirit.

As I tell the children I visit with, you should be proud of yourself for being who you are… and doing what you do. You are, at least in some small way, making the world a little better place.

I thank you, I appreciate you, and I see the Light shining within you.

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