The Amazing Gift of Being Santa Claus


Imagine being in Tokyo, taking a day off from a commercial shoot, and while walking bustling streets, busy subway stations, and visiting ancient temples, dressed in casual shorts and a t-shirt, being recognized. Not as an actor or a tourist, but as Santa Claus. And not by a few people but by hundreds & hundreds of people.

At home in the States, I’m frequently recognized as Santa while shopping or pumping gas, but on that day, 5,000 miles away from home, I realized that in the vast landscape of humanity, Santa Claus is recognized as a figure who epitomizes the essence of kindness. He’s seen worldwide as a beacon of hope, a source of joy. 

Santa isn’t just a character we see during the holiday season. He’s a symbol, an embodiment of love, kindness, hope, and an unwavering belief in the inherent goodness of humanity.

This realization is shared by many of my fellow members of the Worldwide Santa Claus Network

Many of us have also discovered that the best part about portraying Santa is not what we do or what we get… the best part about portraying Santa or Mrs. Claus is WHO WE BECOME.

Portraying Santa IS NOT ABOUT PUTTING ON a Santa suit or a beard. IT’S ABOUT LETTING OUT the genuine Santa spirit that dwells deep within us. And here’s the real magic: when we embrace our ‘inner Santa,’ it doesn’t just enhance our portrayal. It elevates our entire being.

Portraying Santa and understanding why Santa is headquartered at the North Pole can help hold us steadfast as we strive to live aligned with our own True North. 

The way I see it, the North Pole represents much more than a fairy-tale workshop. It’s a constant reminder to stay aligned with OUR True North; it’s a beacon of living life to its fullest, filled with creativity, collaboration, and unlimited kindness. 

For many of us, when we step into our Santa boots, we’re not merely performing or putting on a show. We’re embracing a legacy, a tradition of immeasurable kindness and generosity. And this legacy has a way of becoming a part of us.

Of course, the magic of Santa isn’t limited to the North Pole. With every chuckle and every gleam in our eyes, we radiate hope, igniting dreams and instilling wonder in both the young and the old. Our dedication helps spread Santa’s timeless message of love, making everyone we encounter feel like cherished North Pole Neighbors.

Santa’s influence transcends festive tales and gifts under the tree. He teaches the essence of true service, of giving that goes beyond the tangible. He exemplifies being present, listening with intent, and understanding with depth. Through our portrayals, we amplify this message, encouraging everyone to embrace empathy, generosity, and love.

As the festive season nears, let’s not just ACT like Santa. Let’s truly live with boundless generosity, joy, and a belief in life’s endless wonders. By channeling our inner Santa, we not only offer an authentic portrayal but also touch and transform countless lives. 

Let’s allow Santa’s essence to seamlessly merge with our own. Let’s allow ourselves to be transformed, and let’s accept with grace the greatest gift of all– the gift of living aligned with our Higher Self. This is the ultimate gift from Santa Claus.

So, as we move ahead, let’s shine even brighter, inspire even more, and be a beacon of hope and joy.

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