The Secrets of Christmas Revealed

When I was asked to play Santa Claus “The Secrets of Christmas Revealed” the FOX TV Christmas Special they told me the concept and I loved it. It was a fun idea with a bunch of very clever elements… I was in!

When I let our Worldwide Santa Claus Network members know that our “Christmas Season Kick-Off” Zoom session was going to be filmed for the Special the members were thrilled. While most of our more than 4,200 members watch our sessions on-demand, nearly 500 registered to attend this live session. 

On the day of the shoot, November 11th, 2021, our home became a ‘location’, and my office became a ‘set’. The cameraman, sound guy, and director were all amazing. 

I also asked my daughter to bring my grandkids over to see “Grandpa Santa” in a TV show. They’re only 2 & 3 ½ but they loved it!

The lights & cameras were set up. I was mic’d for sound… and then the digital clapper-board appeared and the classic, “Santa School, scene one, ACTION!”

I started the Zoom sessions and white-bearded faces started filling the screen. When I asked the attendees to put their location in the chat the director was shocked. England, Japan, Israel, Australia, Canada, and nearly every US state was represented… Santa & Mrs. Claus portrayal artists from across the country and around the world were here, all eager to share a little bit about being some of Santa’s extraordinary stand-ins.

The Zoom session lasted nearly 90 minutes. We talked about the Christmas Spirit and ways that we can help build and spread the Spirit. We talked about how we can help get extraordinary photos and be better storytellers and many other things we do to help hold space for the real Santa Claus. We talked

 about and virtual video visits with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

About 5 hours after they arrived the truck & trailer and the cars drove away… Mrs. Claus and I sat in our now quiet home and talked. We talked about what had just happened. I am the Santa Claus in  The Secrets of Christmas Revealed, what’s I’m sure destined to be a perennial Christmas classic. 

We talked about how Santa Claus has changed our lives so much and in so many good ways since I first put on a Santa suit in 2003. We talked about all of the wonderful and totally unexpected experiences we have had as a result of Santa. We talked about just what a remarkable thing the Christmas Spirit is, and laughed, turned on the TV and she said, well, you did it, YOU Santa Ed Taylor are the Santa Claus in the FOX Christmas Special  The Secrets of Christmas Revealed, AMAZING!

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