This Thursday I’m conducting a FREE training session on “How to Produce Extraordinary ‘Self-Tape’ Auditions”. The session will be primarily geared to Santa & Mrs. Clauses who are interested in auditioning for JingleRing*,  BUT, the information presented in this session will also be directly applicable if you’re asked to submit a self-tape audition for any …

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To watch the JingleRing “Introduction Session” CLICK HERE NOTIFICATION OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: Ed Taylor, also known as Santa Ed, That Santa Guy, and the proprietor of The Santa Claus Conservatory dot com receives compensation from JingleRing. Ed consults with, helps recruit and train Santas for JingleRing and also serves as their ‘Brand Ambassador’.

Santa Ed Message

WOW! What an amazing outpouring we’ve experienced from the Santa community.https://2020-tscc.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Santa+Ed+Message+06-25-20.mp4 BEING & WORKING WITH MRS. CLAUS… This session is FREE to Santas & Mrs. Clauses worldwide. Learn directly from the experiences of Mrs. Clauses and Santa who work with them.  NOW ON-DEMAND NEW VIDEO BACKGROUND… FREE for Silver, Gold & Platinum members. VIRTUAL VISITS …

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Being a Beacon of Light… Especially in Uncertain Times

I’ve been around a while, I’ve paid attention, and recent events have stunned me. The division in our country, the lockdown, the shifting of political morays, the violence in the streets… these things can be disheartening and unsettling. As people, we have our views and beliefs. We’ll vote our values and take whatever actions we feel …

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Getting on TV & in Movies – Worldwide Santa Claus Summit III

More than 2 dozen Santas & Mrs. Clauses will share their experiences about being on TV shows, newscasts, in movies and music videos, in commercials, (both local and national) and much more. You will learn what Santas and Mrs. Clauses have done to get these wonderful opportunities and hear what they learned from their experiences.  …

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