Values Statement

At The Worldwide Santa Claus Network, we believe that words have the power to change the world for the better.

Our internal communication, Christmas Portrayal Artists relations, and outbound marketing maintain a reverence for positive language.

Portrayal Artists First
Supporting our members through the portrayal and business building process is our top priority, in whatever form that takes. We help Portrayal Artists improve their appearance, performance, and grow their audience, opportunities, and influence.

It’s Not Work, It’s a Lifestyle
We accomplish an extraordinary amount while prioritizing enjoyment throughout the process. Our autonomous structure emphasizes accomplishment while minimizing politics. We don’t clock in and out, just get the job done on time at a consistent level of quality.

We Own and Honor Our Outcomes
Performance & marketing education is a team effort and everyone’s contributions are integral to creative and commercial success. Our name, logo, and contact info are usable by all of our Gold & Platinum members. Therefore, we have a vested interest in helping to produce EXTRAORDINARY Christmas performers.

Thriving at the Intersection of Creativity & Commerce
Performing as a professional Santa, Mrs. Claus or elf is about creating commercial success from creative endeavors. Working with Portrayal Artists is uniquely exciting. Our focus on helping Portrayal Artists not only have fun but also add to their financial success provides us with deep contentment.

Christmas Performers Are For A Lifetime
The Worldwide Santa Claus Network is an educational resource for the ages. Portrayal Artists create an impact that can last a lifetime. The success of our Network will compound over time as our Portrayal Artists develop and our audience grows.