Video Recording of Santa’s Mistakes Webinar

Last’s night’s webinar was a lot of fun and very informative.

Many Santa’s shared mistakes they have made so that we might all learn from their mistakes. The reviews were excellent and I sure you will enjoy it.

If you are NOT currently a member of you must register at- in order to access the video recording.

Once you have registered you will have immediate access to the recording.

ALSO, if you join the Conservatory now (before April 4th) you will be able to access the 3 April classes LIVE and attend a special “Review of the 1st 6 Classes” session on April 12th.


You can access the video recording by logging in as usual and scrolling past the 9 classes to the “Bonus Sessions” links. This session is now the 1st link.

If you have any difficulty registering or accessing the video please let me know.

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