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Conducting 559 virtual Santa Claus visits in 2020 doesn’t make me an expert or a valuable Santa Claus virtual visits consultant.

Representing virtual Santa visits to the national media, even having done it dozens of times over the past 10 years, doesn’t make me a virtual Santa visit expert.

Training hundreds of Santas on how to conduct virtual visits and helping hundreds of Santas get placed with virtual visits companies well that does help you become a valuable expert & consultant on Santa Claus virtual visits.

Understanding how to market virtual visits to the public, present this paradigm shift in visits with Santa Claus to the media, and how to recruit & train top-tier Santa talent… it’s that combination of experience and my many years of relationships that I bring to the table as your virtual Santa Claus visits consultant and advisor.

Of course, video chatting with Santa Claus has been getting more popular every year.

Now, in light of COVID-19 and the increased use of video-sharing technology, using Facetime, Skype, Teams, and Zoom video chats with Santa Claus saw a MASSIVE increase in popularity, the 3,400+ members of the Worldwide Santa Claus Network conducted tens of thousands of virtual visits with Santa Claus in 2020.

As a long-time, ‘tech guy’ who started portraying Santa in 2003, Internet video was an obvious next step, and in 2007 I made my first “Santa Video.” I’ve seen and have been a part of the evolution of virtual visits with Santa Claus, video chats & video messages since the beginning. I started by recording messages from Santa Claus on my camcorder and added Skype shortly after it was released and, over time, added Facetime & Zoom as well as YouTube, Facebook & Instagram videos.

In 2013 I became one of the founders of “Hello Santa,” an iPhone video chat with Santa app. I was the face of the app, making TV and public appearances. I also recruited and helped train over 100 Santas. Here’s an article about the video chat app that was published in Tech Crunch shortly after we launched Hello Santa. 

Every year the technology has evolved, improved, and I’ve been right there with it helping Santas increase their reach and skillset using these video technologies to help spread the Christmas spirit.

In 2019 I consulted on Santa Claus video chats with the founders of Fanmio.

Whatever the technology, having a video chat with Santa Claus is a special experience, and when the calls are video recorded, you have captured a memory that is much more than a snapshot… it is a voice, and the words… the gifts requested… the entire conversation with Santa.

If you could use some help developing a video chat with Santa Claus, let me know. Through my online Santa School have access to well over 5,700 professional Santa Claus portrayal artists… many of whom have already been trained in the performance aspect of video chatting.

Being a Santa Claus virtual visit/video chat consultant with years of video chat experience with, Zoom, Skype, Hello Santa, etc., and also being a member of the founding team of Hello Santa, whose responsibilities included recruiting & training the Santa Claus talent as well as being the Brand Ambassador… well, all of this gives me a unique perspective that can help you avoid costly mistakes when starting a Santa Claus video chat business.

Santa Claus Video Chat Expert Consultant ‘Santa’ Ed Taylor – 424-343-9555

Virtual visits with Santa Claus, Santa Claus Video Chats & Messages are available here.

Zoom Santa Claus here

If you’re a Santa or Mrs. Claus interested in providing Virtual Visits with Santa or Mrs. Claus CLICK HERE

9 thoughts on “Santa Claus Virtual Visit Video Chat Expert Consultant”

  1. Ed, I had a Santa tell me about a chat session about doing video chat this year. I missed it. I was wondering if there was any way of seeing it.
    Santa Larry Lowery

  2. My apologies Ed, I have been having trouble finding the link that you set up for your 3 page questionnaire, for parents wanting to do video chats for the kids.
    I looked at all the video chat pages , looked under this heading, Tips and Updates, but still can’t seem to find it
    Thanks in advance
    Santa Eric

  3. I’m not sure what session you’re referring to. We have done several. If you are a member log-in and check your Hub Page… Worldwide Santa Claus Summit I has a couple of excellent sessions related to doing videos.

  4. Hello Santa Ed,

    I’m looking for info to see if my MacBook Pro is capable of running the virtual Santa program. I can download OBS but my GPU may not be strong enough Its an Intel HD 4000 card original to this machine. Who can you refer me to or is this an item you can answer?

    I want to do this but if it costs a lot, especially in Canada, I may have to wait this year. Or is there an economical option?

    Santa Chuck Vogel

  5. Ed, I continue to learn. I am struggling with the computer portion. I have difficulty with the jargon and terminology of computers. To me a drive is speeding down the Pacific coast highway with the top down. I have found a few computer savvy gents that are helping me work through all the issues. I jump in every time I have a few minutes
    s to learn and re-learn something that might have slipped by me. I have not joined in on a Thursday call yet , just not there yet. Thanks for you being you and so willing to share, sincerely Santa Gary Wayne

  6. Jump in any time. :-)… and that drive down Pacific Coast Highway sounds pretty good. 🙂

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