Other Santa’s Are Saying…

I joined the Worldwide Santa Claus Network because I heard excellent comments from Santas who were members, and I wanted to learn from other Santas.

I have received real-world advice, tips, and guidance, and they have improved my portrayal immensely

Bert Sternal

When I joined WSCN I wanted year-round support rather than simply a weekend of instruction. I was a Gold member for two years, then I decided that I wanted to have the opportunity to be on a commercial or movie and although there isn’t too much added in the way of video or resource material as a Platinum member, I have two things that a Gold member does not have and that is the Platinum elite status (like American Express) as well as Santa Ed’s unending support while supporting his school at the highest level.

After watching many of the other school leaders and lots of other Santas on videos, I felt that the WSCN gave an insight into how an Authentic Santa would do things.

What Santa does has to make sense to me, and there were a few books available on how Santa’s Worldwide Gift Giving would incorporate standard business practices and Santa Ed’s philosophy behind the school hit on those corporate principles that Santa would possess in the real world much more than any other school’s instruction.

Plus, being a paid school member, I am more buffered through Santa Ed’s monitoring of the Facebook page and our classes from those unrealistic Santa performers who declare it is wrong to ever get any financial compensation, already think they are the best, go over the top in every forced interaction, and believe that only children are important to Santa.

I hope that Santa Ed never lowers his prices too low as to sacrifice the integrity of the extraordinary value we get from paying our membership fees that some of the before-mentioned Santa types won’t pay.

I have attended live most of Santa Ed’s classes and have watched every one of the available recordings videos on the website many several times, and this treasure trove is a resource that no one else offers. And all the presenters in Santa Ed’s videos are enthusiastic, professional, and simply fun to listen to, and they give their time to make this school a better resource for any level of Santa.

I have always received unparalleled value for my membership fees. And even though I hear much of the same material over and over, Santa Ed’s enthusiasm at introducing new things to us enrolled Santas like the Mind Map, One Sheets, Mk Haley, Jennifer Lilly, and Karen Schaler, the cost of tuition has always been well worth the investment of membership tuition.

I enjoy attending the virtual class sessions and believe that there is just as much camaraderie between all of us as any in-person event.

The virtual memorial service hosted by Santa Ed and the WSCN was incredibly moving.

Our Australian and Canadian friends always add something to the conversational mix.

Yes, there is a time for face-to-face, but most of these events seem spent in silly time, and I like the seriousness and professionalism of each of the classes within the Worldwide Santa Claus Network. And where else can you spend an evening with a Neodivergent Santa without any additional cost?

Let anyone try to offer what this school makes available to its students at the rates that Santa Ed asks, and they will not find it possible because Santa Ed has spent years getting the school to this point.

Moreover, there were some extra classes that Santa Ed provided us at an additional cost, but well worth the investment, such as the Acting Class, the Improv class, and how to set up the Virtual Business as Ed had done during the pandemic.

Amazingly, Santa Ed has incorporated his dedication to his students by growing and providing live classes for almost the entire year. This is probably one of the greatest benefits of the WSCN – having contact with other Santas all year round. Having a yearly face-to-face meeting or even consistent online meetings without an academic agenda or updated resources cannot even begin to compare with being able to meet in weekly meetings in the WSCN that contain relevant and updated information.

Santa Ed’s approach as a Santa School Leader is very different than many other Santas mostly because of his marketing and business background. Santa Ed is simply a fun Santa Guy, and I feel privileged to know him and attend his classes. Santa Ed has had many fun projects that he has generously shared with fellow Santas, including our e-book about how we began as Santa.

Unbelievably, the simple SEO information he hammers into us actually works; I have an endless supply of ideas; I have goals of the Santa I want to be, without being told how I must be; and I have a group of fellow colleagues that share the school’s vision of making Santa information available to everyone that is searching for their way in the whole new world of Santa. I feel my destiny as an authentic Santa will continue to grow if I continue to be a member of the WSCN.

I want to make sure that I emphasize the most important difference between the WSCN and all other Santa schools. The WSCN lets me know how Santa Ed and others portray Santa artistically, and I can use their entire or any part of their method or not.

I get very tired and disappointed that so many other schools and individuals just want to tell me how to be Santa. I don’t really need that because I am Santa, and I can thank my WSCN membership for that.

Mark Smyers

I joined WSCN after presenting at one of their Zoom meetings on “Being Santa for Those with Special Needs.”

I’m a Nerodivergent Santa (Autistic and proud). WSCN has helped me to be a better human and learn a lot about being Santa.

Nerodivergent Santa Nate (Autistic and proud) Claus

I am a first-time Santa. I retired in February 2023 and decided to become a Santa Claus portrayal “actor,” mainly for my granddaughters (ages 8 months and 2 1/2 years).

Once I decided to portray Santa Claus, I started to look into the various Santa schools via Google. This led me to the Worldwide Santa Claus Network. I became a Basic member. I thought that would be a good way to see if I felt the school was right for me.

Once I saw the various sessions and Zoom sessions that were available, that’s when I decided to upgrade to a Gold membership in order to take advantage of everything the school has to offer.

For my first year, I want to be successful in the portrayal aspect of Santa Claus as opposed to the business side. Sure, I would like to make some money, but I consider myself an introvert, and I will definitely be out of my comfort zone, and thus that is why I want to concentrate on the portrayal portion this first year. So I am hoping to gain information that would help a first-time Santa Claus, such as how to answer “tricky” questions, how to carry myself as Santa Claus, and what activities I can “perform” during the events.

I would also like to see about having an experienced Santa to mentor me. I think all I need to do is ask, but right now just trying to take everything in before asking about having a mentor.

I am overwhelmed with the amount of material within the Gold member’s hub. To try to get an idea as to where to start, I first looked at the Intro to Santa School 09-18-22 video. That was helpful, and that is where I learned about the Mind Map (a great resource).

I also watched the Santa Debrief Session 01-03-22, which gave me a lot of insight into how the business went for all the Santa Clauses. I am now concentrating on the Santa Portrayal & Business Mastery 2023 1-13 sessions videos. After I view those videos, I plan to pick and choose various other videos that I think will help me in my first year.

WSCN has also helped in that I am in the process of learning American Sign Language on my own. I signed up for an online class and slowly working through that. I also see a lot of discussion on autistic children, so I definitely want to learn more about how to work with autistic children. I have also signed up for an improv class due to one of your sessions. As I mentioned before, Santa Claus portrayal is really going to take me out of my comfort zone so I think the improv classes will help me. I do know I am nervous about taking the class but it’s a good nervous.

Randy Baker

I heard about WSCN on Facebook and when I looked at the value compared to traveling to different schools and taking in what I could from other Santas in a weekend,  the cost of travel and the cost of the schools just didn’t make sense to me.

At WSCN I can revisit different classes as many times as I like and continue to glean from them each time.

When I joined WSCN I was hoping to gain knowledge of who Santa is, how he relates to different ages and groups, the answers he might give to different questions and a whole lot more. Essentially, how to best represent who Santa is and what he is about.

WSCN is a treasure trove of information and support and I’m still learning about ways to become a more exceptional/excellent Santa.

Don Wheeler

After witnessing the joy and astonishment on the kids’ faces and discovering how much I enjoy portraying Santa Claus, I wanted to learn to be the best Santa I can be. I decided to go from being a hobby Santa to a true professional Santa.

I learned about WSCN through our local Santa group (Idaho Santa’s)… and then found WSCN on Facebook.

I joined WSCN because I wanted to be a better Santa. This was, and still is, my primary motivator for any training I receive. I truly want to embody the role and be an attribute to the Santa community.

I had no idea there were so many opportunities out there for Santa!

WSCN has made me more aware and reassured of where my comfort zone is. Having the other Santas share their real-life experience during the sessions was/is very beneficial. Hearing what Santa Ed, and the other Santa’s, have experienced and how they handled it, gives me more tools in the mental toolbox for if & when they happen to me.

The biggest impact WSCN has had on me is knowing that it is OK to be myself as Santa. I initially thought that in order to be a professional Santa, I would have to alter everything about me, which I knew in my heart would seem so fake.

With Santa Ed, and listening to the stories and guidance from the other Santas, my comfort level of this next step in my Santa life increased drastically!

Philip Goelz

After four years’ training with WSCN, I feel very highly trained and can roll with the punches when things don’t go exactly as planned, and can often plan to KEEP things going as planned.

Learning virtual visit techniques was especially valuable. Even though I hardly did any of them last year, it’s still one of my favorite ways to interface with children.

WSCN has informed and developed almost every aspect of my Santa portrayal. I’ve especially enjoyed trading ideas with other Santas in an environment where everything is positive, and there is a lack of “territorial“ disputes that can sometimes occur with local in-person organizations.

Rich Patsios

I am a brand new Santa, and my wife is a brand new Mrs. Claus just two months now. We have so much to learn. This program is absolutely wonderful in the fact that it covers so many topics. It truly is worth every penny. We take notes and already now have to get a bigger binder to put them in!!!!

WSCN has so much useful information, and we have spread the word to other Santas that we have met to check it out.

Randy Neely

I joined WSCN basically because of the information I found in the on-line seminar. It was informative and I learned a lot. I feel once I get the hang of where everything is it will be a great asset.

I just joined the group. I suspect it will have some very good impact on me as I start to digest the information.

Santa Eddie Harry

I joined the Worldwide Santa Claus Network to become an extraordinary Santa Claus portrayal artist

A friend of mine, David Star, planosanta.com, is a platinum member and suggested I would highly benefit from the courses and programs. WSCN has provided me with all the basics I needed to become a successful professional Santa Claus portrayal artist

The impact of WSCN has been HUGE. Every year I’m gaining more jobs and gaining additional experience through the WSCN live and on-demand programs.

Eric Epstein

I joined WSCN having decided to portray Santa with no experience, I wanted to start accumulating as much knowledge about being a professional Santa as possible.

Becoming Santa is an immersive process. Because of the Facebook group, weekly Zoom classes, and additional offerings, the WSCN has kept me engaged with Santa related content not just weekly, but daily.

Since joining the WSCN I have become more confident and comfortable with, and in, my Portrayal. I am in fact, “becoming” Santa.

Cecil Johnson

I had been a Santa for over 42 years when I joined WSCN, mainly for our Church Fellowship. But I took it seriously and did it with all my heart. The rave reviews kept me coming back every year.

Then about 10 years ago, I began to desire to venture out and want to do more than our church fellowships. I did & found great delight, which landed me a gig with the Polar Express. Things really took off from there.

I started to surf the web a few years before Covid and saw The World Wide Santa Network. Praise God. I realized if I was going to be the extraordinary Santa that I aspired to be I needed to invest in myself and in Santa education. So I became a Gold member and began to take the courses that were offered. My confidence grew, and I did become better at my heart’s desire.

Thank you to Santa Ed & the Network I was able to grow my business, especially during Covid and the advent of Virtual Visits.

WSCN has given me the confidence to be the Santa I could imagine myself to be. I’ve gone from charging nothing ( which is OK ) to making $. And now I can say my confidence is because I’ve put to practice the suggestions and tips gained from WSCN

Don Sullivant

I joined the Worldwide Santa Claus Network to gain insight and ideas to build year-round opportunities for Mrs. Claus.

I had been portraying Mrs. Claus and realized that I needed some pointers and assistance. Since joining, I’ve learned many marketing ideas, storytelling ideas, and costume ideas. I feel much more confident.

Allison Fiscus

I have reached the stage in my Santa career where I need a more variety of skills, so I joined the Worldwide Santa Claus Network hoping I would become a better Santa in character and appearance.

I have been a Santa for 6 Christmases and I need to diversify my income stream as well as become a better Santa in character.

Through WSCN I have been able to network with more Santas and have learned that Santa can be a year-long career opportunity. WSCN has made me a better person.

Chris Adams

I joined WSCN to get some guidance, to learn from the experiences of others and to validate some of my own thoughts.

WSCN has furthered my ability to bring joy to others and it’s made me a better Santa  Claus.

Chris Hare

WSCN has helped me in so many ways. The sessions and resources answered questions I didn’t even know I should be asking. While there is no substitute for the actual practical experiences of portraying Santa (or any other character), being “prepared” for some of the many situations one may encounter is invaluable. All the stored and shared knowledge is a mental toolbox waiting to be called into action–how can you not feel more confident in your portrayal?!?

In addition, seeing other members over time, even if it is only virtually, encourages mentoring and sharing one on one. As I’ve continued to attend sessions year after year, I’ve been able to learn and also share, again increasing my confidence in my ability to be a professional and extraordinary Santa.

The primary impact has been the confidence to get out in public and portray Santa. I have also learned ways and the developed the confidence to seek out and accept opportunities that I haven’t done before, and to build on the performances I’ve already given.

It’s also very comfortable to know that if I have a question, there are answers readily available from this network of other dedicated performers that mostly just want to raise the game for Santa Portrayal Artists everywhere creating extraordinary Christmas Performers.

Dale Dimas

I joined the Worldwide Santa Claus Network because I want my Santa portrayal to be as authentic as possible.

WSCN has helped me immensely but also confused me……in a good way.

My head is on a swivel, and I can’t keep up. Hence, being able to go back to previous lessons in the library and call upon other Santas for advice are huge benefits of WSCN.

WSCN has changed my train of thought for the better. I do not undervalue myself, I move forward with more confidence, I’m still new at this, so I still make some mistakes, but I’m learning how to correct them and capitalize on those lessons.

Thom High

May 17, 2023:

Sure, I want to be the best Santa I can be — and I am already a rather awesome Santa!

To be direct in answering the question of what I am hoping to gain from my Gold membership in WSCN, I want to learn how to MONETIZE being Santa. I listened intently to Santa Ed’s personal story and find myself in a similar place to where he was ten years ago. My research has led me to conclude that WSCN has the best program to teach and empower me to reach my goal.

I recently joined the WSCN because my Santa momentum has brought me here! (Synchronicity) I LOVE being Santa!

Last Christmas season, I presided over a local tree-lighting and Christmas craft session. Looking around the venue, I realized that I was the attraction, but others were getting paid to be there! Hmm…

Frank DenDulk

I joined WSCN because I saw there was an unlimited amount of knowledge to gain about being Santa, including ways to be on TV and other media.

WSCN gives me the knowledge and helps me learn things that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. WSCN also gives me confidence that I am being the best Santa that I can be.

Thomas Beams

When I upgraded my WSCN membership I was challenged to improve my presentation even more from what I learned in my basic attendance at early classes.

WSCN gave me the “nerve” to reach out and broaden my presentation and get involved in a wider area to work. I also believe my portrayal has improved and I now feel able to work with a much wider and diverse groups.

Don Rekeweg

I did not know what I hoped to learn when I joined WSCN. I did not know what I did not know.

I do know that I have grown as a Santa portrayer in many ways, including storytelling, back story, and order of events. WSCN has had a very positive impact on both my performance as Santa and my outlook on supporting my fellow man.

Tim Marsh

I was and am hoping to learn more about being a great Santa. I know that I am not taking full advantage of my Santa Claus look. I have learned a great deal from the sessions I have attended. I am presently trying to be more Santa-like all year round.

Len Libman

When I joined WSCN I was hoping to gain some knowledge from Santa’s who have portrayed him for some time. Specifically, I wanted to know how to be Santa and what to say as Santa.

I was preparing for my 1st Santa appearance outside of my family. I was hesitant to join because I truly didn’t think that there was too much to it, but after seeing what was offered, I knew I had to join.

WSCN has helped me identify why I wanted to be Santa Claus in the 1st place. It has helped me to identify what type of Santa I want to be. As well as what types of jobs I want to engage in and who my target clients are. This and so much more!

I do not feel that I would be where I am today or looking at goals without the WSCN. Truly, I would be lost without it.

Joshua Carlile

When I joined WSCN I was hoping to gain insight and knowledge. I want to learn, learn, learn!

I have learned some professional tips about beard grooming, dealing with children and adults, accessories, and suit maintenance.

I have only been a Gold member for a few days. However, the membership has been very valuable, especially in answering questions and giving advice.

Kevin OBrien

When I joined WSCN I wanted as much education and interaction with other Santa’s and Mrs. Claus’ as possible to develop my craft and persona as Mrs. Claus. I also wanted to be with people of like minds when it comes to bringing the spirit of the North Pole residents.

WSCN has had a very positive impact on my business! I have made new friends and learned so much about portrayals and the business of being Mrs. Claus.

Carla Wilson

I accidentally found WSCN on social media. I didn’t want to travel, so I signed up immediately.

I wanted to know what other Santa’s did & how to supplement my retirement income. I have been a Santa since the 1990’s, in South Florida but I did all pro-bono events. Like Parades and sharing the Christmas Spirit as Santa for neighbors and friends. I retired to Charleston SC.

After I moved to Charleston, I bought a $400 Santa suit and started marketing. A neighbor wished I would have reached out a month earlier. She informed me she had already booked a Santa. I asked her what do Santa’s charge here?… She said, $250 per hour. I ran home and told by wife Joanne that I’m out of retirement for a couple of months!!!!

WSCN has helped me through Ed Taylor’s courses and his sharing of stories that he learned along the way portraying Santa Claus. Also, all the Santas I have met and listened to on our weekly Zoom calls and the MENTORING CALLS on the first Monday of the Month are Priceless!!!

My membership in WSCN has had a MAJOR IMPACT on my Santa portrayal.

By the way, I also had WSCN build my website, and from this website I booked 10 appearances in 2022. I also found out about Gigsalad and booked 5 appearances through them in 2022

Rick Iacona

When I joined WSCN I had just been contracted with VIP Promotions to be a mall Santa here in Medford OR for the 2022 Christmas season and I was hoping to gain knowledge about what I needed to do and be.

I had already been portraying Santa for over 20 years when I joined WSCN but the sharing that is done on the Zoom sessions has been great help. Hearing what has worked and what has not is a great inspiration for me.

I have become a better Santa because of WSCN.

John Zimmermann

When I joined WSCN I wanted a better understanding and training for portraying Santa Claus. Not only about portraying Santa but ways to make a business out of it.

Money has always been an issue for me. When I was making a decision about joining, I told myself that this was an investment so I could learn the business and gain knowledge of the dos and don’ts when portraying Santa.

WSCN has really opened my eyes to a whole new world of business opportunities. It has taught me that it’s not only about portraying Santa during the holidays but being Santa-like throughout the entire year.

I now catch myself watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas music on a regular basis.

Boris Contreras

I joined WSCN to become a better Santa. To learn about the awesome responsibility I have in portraying Santa.

I knew there was more to this than just the outfit. Since joining, I have been able to plan for a better outcome as a Santa portrayal artist.

I’ve learned that it’s acceptable to be Santa 365 days a year. And I’m learning how to develop my business. My WSCN membership is making me a better Santa.

Roy Beatrice

As I have attended the Santa Claus Portrayal & Business Mastery training, I have really embraced the spirit of Christmas. This being my first season as Santa, it has occurred to me that the world needs this season of happiness to be not only seasonal but worldwide and year-round. There is so much craziness going on right now. If I can have a small effect on my little corner, maybe it will spread. 🙂

I have only been a mall Santa this year and will do it again with Cherry Hill Programs. The only real training I had was the videos from Cherry Hill. Basically, I winged it. I had the best time and was told by many that I was the best Santa ever! I really like to hear other Santas tell us how they “do it,” whether at a mall or in private sessions, either live or virtual.

Learning the business side is all new to me also. I will certainly need help when I venture into this side. I think that a session just on sensory Santa would be great for gathering more information in communicating with those who cannot communicate as easily. I have so enjoyed listening to all of the Santas that have shared, and this just keeps me coming back.

To me, the biggest impact of WSCN is just being a good person!

I don’t need to be afraid of talking to others, which, most of the time, I am not. How I portray Santa is really up to me. I want to be positive and honest. That is what I was taught. Listening to other Santas always makes me feel good and reminds me that I can do the same.

Santa Tom Dutton

After watching Santa Ed on a Facebook live session and then watching some of the free Zoom sessions on the WSCN website, I joined the Worldwide Santa Claus Network.

I hoped to gain as many facts about Portraying Santa Claus as possible. I wanted to further advance my knowledge of what to say and do to both for children and for parents, and other adults.

WSCN has helped me in many ways, including how I respond to strangers, friends, and relatives, especially to those who may look at me as who I am Portraying.

Charles Adler

I joined the Worldwide Santa Claus Network to gain whatever new knowledge comes out as it’s ever-changing. I also saw there was content available that I need a refresher on.

WSCN has given me ideas of what to do, what not to do, games, and sources for suits, gear, and props. It’s had a positive impact on my Santa portrayal for sure.

John Yost

I have been a member of the Gold membership for two years now, and I’ve learned that there is everything to learn from WSCN.

I am a disabled Santa who can only make a little money to pay for my insurance and the giveaways to the children. I would also like to make enough money to pay for my suit cleaning each year.

I have learned so much from Santa Ed, and all the other Santa members. I just can’t say enough about the WSCN School. You will not regret joining the team, and you will receive everything you need from this Santa School.

I have ADHD and I can’t remember everything in the class. So I just go back to on-demand and rewatch what I need.

Don Vance

I have portrayed Santa for over 30 years. For a number of those years, my appearances were at functions and events that were centered around my 6 children, with a few work-related appearances.

I have always loved seeing the joy and sparkle in the eyes of children of all ages when they see Santa. Although I have always been told that I was a great Santa, I knew that there was so much more that I needed to learn so that I could be an even better Santa.

Signing up for The Worldwide Santa Claus Network’s year-round “Santa Claus Portrayal & Business Mastery” program is the best decision I have made to advise my skills at being a Santa Claus Portrayal Artist! Santa Ed and all the other Santas that attend the weekly classes provide a vast knowledge and perspective on what it means to be Santa.

Besides the weekly sessions, you have access to past sessions and other videos on demand that you can revisit and watch 24/7/365. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage any Santa to attend an in-person school, but you will not get a better ROI and have access to so much information and a network of awesome Santas. Thank you Santa Ed and all the Santas in the WSCN!

Attending the weekly sessions through the WSCN with the vast amount of topics that have been covered has given me so much information that I can incorporate into not only being Santa but also my personal life. The Christmas Spirit is something that should be shared year-round and not just at Christmas time. Having a year-round network and the availability to enrich your life 24/7/365 helps keep that Christmas Spirit alive and well every day!

The information and weekly sessions, along with the mentorship of all the Santas in this group, helped me to define what I want my Santa Claus portrayal to be. Even though I have always been told that I made a great Santa, I knew that I wanted to be better, and the WSCN has definitely given me the tools and support to become an “AWESOME” Santa.

Santa Rod Mongenel

I joined WSCN when I transitioned from being a volunteer Santa to a paid one. I wanted to be a better performer and learn from more experienced Santas.

Through WSCN I’ve learned a lot not only about performing but also the business side of being Santa.

Ivan Parramore

When I became a Platinum member of WSCN I had been a Santa for 13 years. Okay let’s face it, I had the Suit, I was jolly, I could HO HO HO and I had a good way of talking to others.

But what I expected to gain from WSCN was how to be a better Santa Claus! How to be Santa Claus!

WSCN helped me to get over my fears of being on camera, and helping me to get a job online with a great audition. WSCN has also helped me embody the character of being Santa Claus effectively. This includes techniques like storytelling, historical and culture insights, costume requirements, behavior guidelines, how to talk an act around children with special needs, sign language, photo shoots, how to operate a Santa business and consistency of my portrayal of Santa Claus, being the same across different contexts and locations.

Brian Boyle

I joined WSCN to be a better Santa and person, and it has made me a better person and showed me how not only how to build as Santa but also as a balloon twister.

Michael Morten

Through WSCN, I have learned about marketing and virtual visits, and I have also learned much about how different Santas do their work and shared many ideas to make my portrayal better.

Thomas Sheerin

I am a new Santa. After viewing other offerings, WSCN felt better. The recordings pushed me over top since everything I heard made sense. Learning the business and focusing on that “something extra” – a recipe for excellence fit my criteria. This is more than a list of topics. It’s about developing a new part of me.

I also like that WSCN leverages technology using Zoom rather than other expensive meeting alternatives.

WSCN provides good classes, online resources, Zoom meetings and the outside chats. I like the method of teaching and discussion. I’ve got more tools for Santa than I had. Now, I’ve got to get it going! That’s why I like the mentoring sessions.

I realize I’ve got a way to go. Yet I do feel ready to make this Santa thing work. I can’t compare it to other experiences. But I am excited about it.

David Fleming

When I joined WSCN I had absolutely no idea how to approach my look/presentation, or how much to ask for my time. I  am not willing to travel or have the funds to go to out-of-state schools, so the “Online School’ seemed like a great option The Worldwide Santa Claus Network gave me the footing during my first year to guide me through my first steps and has given me the confidence to face my first season with pride! WSCN has helped make me an extraordinary Christmas Performer and take it to the next level. Raymond Bradshaw themasterjinn@msn.com

I learned about WSCN by surfing the web looking for Santa “schools.” After hearing about it, I conducted additional research by reviewing the website and reading some reviews.

I believe there is a “power of sharing” that happens when such organizations exist. Obviously, beyond this sense of collegial support- there was also the hope that I would pick up good ideas with which to enhance our “services.”

WSCN has given me some very good ideas to implement. Also greatly enjoy it when I hear about something (unfortunately, this happens often!) outside the box- something that I would not have thought of.

WSCN has provided us with many ideas that we’ve implemented. Also greatly appreciate the support felt by being a group of like-minded but different Santas. It seems like our hearts are all in the same place- but our methods many times differ.

Mike Hyder

I joined WSCN when I saw the schooling and mentoring that the experienced Santa’s offered. I wanted to learn how to be a better portrayer of Santa, and being able to watch the videos from previous sessions was a big help in deciding.

WSCN has shown me that I already did things that other Santas were doing. It has taught me how to present myself as a more authentic Santa.

I have learned ways to increase my exposure as Santa, and WSCN has shown me that asking to be paid for my portrayal is not a bad thing.

I am going to increase my volunteer visits to more groups that have been suggested during the sessions.

Skip Bowers

When I joined WSCN I was hoping to gain practical knowledge about how to be Santa since I had little experience or knew of very few Santas to talk with to share ideas with about how to be Santa.

In fact, I was ready to quit being Santa all together when I happened to come across WSCN on the internet. My gut feeling told me to join as I was convinced this would be a good move to becoming Santa.

I joined as a Gold member & had such confidence in the WSCN that I upped my membership to Platinum. Today I am seen in my community as Santa & people now come to me wanting me to appear for them.

Peter Boe

When I joined WSCN I was hoping to gain a better understanding of how to better portray Santa Claus, how to better market myself for broader appeal across the demographics and gain useful information and insight into how others see themselves as Santa and improve myself for the betterment of those I interact with.

 WSCN helped me connect with a lot of other Santas across the globe. I have been able to better market myself and found the tools I need to connect with others who can help me grow.

 I have already had multiple requests for appearances. I have connected with fantastic seamstresses and tailors to make my outfit. Because of WSCN, I have been able to better market and grow my business.

 Sean Turpin

I’m a full-time entertainer, but when I joined WSCN it was only my second year portraying Santa and I had no Santa training.

WSCN helped me a lot with the practical side of being Santa – how to look, frequently asked questions to Santa, demeanor, etc. I thought I had the marketing side down because of my entertainer business, but I was able to glean some good ideas from that angle, also.

Mark Fuller

WSCN has helped me by providing amazing practical advice and wealth of experience from Santa Ed and so many other highly effective Santas.

Your educational format involving others at the top of their game in different areas assures that the information is not isolated or limited to just the experience of one or a few.

Probably the biggest “take away” is Santa Ed’s passion to reflect excellence and a genuine spirit of love, hope and giving both as a Santa performer and throughout the year.

Kent Hagood

“Ed – You’ve changed my life!  In turn, I hope to positively impact on others, like you. I am blown away at the depth and, more significant, the care and concern Santa Ed shares with us.  I am excited about my future.”
Gary “Inner Banks Santa” Lico

“Being a “Gold Member” has been educational, rewarding, and fun. I have learned more than I ever thought I would. Additionally, through that learning, I have come up with more and more questions which will cause me to continue to learn. There is so much more to being a “professional” Santa that anyone could ever imagine. Santa Ed Taylor is an excellent trainer and an example for all of us. His willingness to jump right in there and help mentor us along speaks volumes as to his integrity, to the seriousness to which he feels about being Santa and his goals for us that we each be an “Extraordinary Santa”.  Thank you Santa Ed!!”
“Santa” Jeff Mason

“Not only do you gain knowledge from Santa Ed and the other Santas, but it is so much fun.  We look forward to all the classes.”
Indy Santa Fred/Mrs. Kat Claus

“Looking to go full time and this training is a must in my eyes.”
Santa Randy Richardson

“Fantastic information and tutelage from Ed. I personally most benefited from the information on SEO and GigSalad. My “Google Ranking” is much higher now! Thanks, Ed and Lori. I’ll continue to review all of the back years and renew next year. Like Rick Rosenthal stated, your service provides a great value to the Santa community! Keep up the great work!”
Santa Michael Wilson


“Becoming a Gold Member of the Conservatory was hands down the best decision this Mrs. Claus made in her rookie season.”
Jacki Chamberlain Simply Mrs. Claus


“I enjoyed these classes thoroughly and as a first-year Santa am almost totally booked before Thanksgiving thanks to the marketing methods I learned from Santa Ed.”

Santa Gary Sisson


Santa Ed,

I really enjoyed the webinar on sign language!

I’m looking forward to more webinars from you.  You are a great mentor!!!

Thank you for what you’re doing for all Santa’s!!

Santa Charlie O’Dell


Dear Ed,

I was very happy that I could attend and participate in the ASL webinar you and Kat conducted. It was just so informative and fun to boot. I almost didn’t make it due to being exhausted from a days work. I actually had passed out earlier that evening for about 20 minutes which was apparently enough to reboot.

Thank You so much for holding these informative and very worthwhile sessions.

Santa John Yost


Thank you Santa Ed for all you have done in this training program and future programs that we hope to be a part of this next year. I recently watched a PBS program about people that live a well-lived life for themselves, by improving and enriching the lives of others. Those people featured in that TV program, left a legacy that few can equal. You have certainly have done that with your training and advice.

I have witnessed a “Legacy” in the making! My wife and I are so happy we selected your training program and became a small part of the “Santa Ed Taylor Legacy”.

As we approach the Christmas season later this year, I only hope that I can live up to the wonderful training I received.

Santa Rick Perkins and Mrs. Claus Nancy Perkins


“I appreciate the method of delivery of The Santa Claus Conservatory classes and bonus sessions.  A lot of Santas do not have the time and or the money to travel to a fixed site Santa School.  The Santa Claus Conservatory brings those barriers down.  You study in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and can review when ever you want.

The Content of the training will help you to become an Extraordinary Santa Claus portrayer.  No matter if you are just starting out, or have decades of experience, you will find something that will hit you as an “ah ha” moment.

If there had been something like this available when I was starting, I wouldn’t have developed so many Bad Santa Habits.  If you are a newish Santa, what  a jump start these courses will give you!  Invest in these on line courses, invest in yourself….. But mostly, be that extraordinary Santa you want to be.”
Marty Jorgensen
Santa for Honolulu

Thank you so much for putting together such an interesting and information packed class this evening.  I appreciate your servant heart and wiliness to share in this way.  I had to punch out a little after 7:00 we had a T Storm roll through and I lost my connection.  I will pick up the ending when I watch the video again thanks.  Have a great week.
Santa Jim
Santa Jim Thibodeau  RBS,BSC
Santa and Friends, LLC
Chico, CA

“Good information on the ‘The more content the better’. As a trained architect, I was always taught that ‘More is Less’. But, I can see how this would not be true in marketing.”
Santa Joe Pridgen

Solid usable advice, clear to the point, great graphics, great communicator.”
Santa Paul

Also, the individual Santa’s information. Thank you so much for your insight into this subject.” Santa David Nelson “Much more detailed information was presented tonight. Really helpful information on creating a website and getting good Google ratings. Best presentation yet.” Santa Nana Posted to a private group of Santa’s I rarely post much and I almost NEVER endorse anything, but I think this will be helpful to some, so here goes.

I spent my life believing the best thing a man can share in his life is his knowledge and Santa Ed does a great job of that. I didn’t post anything yesterday because I was implementing what I learned Thursday during Ed’s session.

I was fortunate enough to attend Santa Ed’s online Santa school. For any of you who are considering it I would like to say, DO IT, it is a great investment of your time and money.

The online course is perfect for me, it can’t be more convenient plus you get a video you can go back to any time, I love it, I’m not a good note taker :-).

Having the opportunity to reach out to Santa Ed as a mentor and receive honest answers is simply outstanding in my way of thinking.

I could write about all the things he spoke of but I would rather mention something he gave me that was not in the course. CONFIDENCE!!!!! He gave me the confidence I needed to move forward knowing I am doing the right things.

Thanks Santa Ed!!
Santa John Brennan

Santa Ed, Thanks so much for the great Santa business advice, tonight. Really enjoyed the session and see much value in each of the classes that you will make available in March, April, and May.I took your classes last year and highly recommend them and you.

Santa Andy Stratton

Ed, thanks a lot. I enjoyed your class. I thought I knew it all, but your class let me know I’ve still got a lot to learn.
Patrick Lewis

Santa Ed, Your webinar tonight was very well done and you managed to stay on topic very well. Your outline was very concise and I picked up several good tips.

I have followed your advice and Larry Hersberger at Kissing Tree Studio is helping me create a new website for cliffkringle.com and we will be adding an online store for all of the products I have for sale.

Speaking of Larry, thank you again for the wonderful plug you gave him and me during the webinar.  I really appreciate it, and I will be sure to tell him as well.

You did a great job and I am glad I signed in tonight.

Santa Cliff Snider

Ed, Thank you for another fine presentation. As you recall I participated in your webinar series last Spring and got so much out of them that really helped me during the past year and holiday season. Again tonight, though time restricted for each topic, I picked up several new ideas and bits of information for my Santa business.And I am one who knows first-hand how you will expand each of the topics in your upcoming 2015 webinars.

As always, I look forward to continued relations and necessary counselings with you.
Mel Koch
Santa Quincy

Thank you. I feel I picked up some useful ideas. I have been doing this for two seasons now. I am a part of the group called Lone Star Santas here in Texas. I personally am located in Fort Worth. Thank you for your enthusiastic example as well as encouragement to be myself. I have had a great time with kids, both young and old.
Mike Herrington

Hello Santa Ed Thank you for providing this type of learning format.  I sat in on this evenings session and found it informative and motivating. I will be looking forward to working with you this coming season.  I will be looking forward to meeting you in person sometime in the future.

Santa Jim Thibodeau  RBS,BSC

Hello Santa Ed, Thank you for your seminar this evening. I was interested to see what you had to offer as Santa and whether or not your classes would be worth the time and money! I believe they would and would encourage other Santa’s to look at the classes you offer. I think some would be more helpful to me than others so it is nice to be able to pick and choose.
Thank you once again.
Santa Gene

Santa Ed, This Santa Mike Lawson from Culpeper, VA. I am a year-round, real bearded and real bellied Santa and have been now for about 8 years.

I was real excited to hear all that you had to say. I’m always striving to be the best Santa tha I can be. Fortunately, it seems to come naturally. Thank you for offering the webinar! With any luck, I’ll be able to participate in the next one. (I’m still kinda new at this technology.)

Also, thank you for all you and our other brother Santa’s do on a daily basis! I firmly believe in the troubled time we live in, people look to us as one of the things that can bring a smile and warmth to their day.

Thank you again!
Santa Mike Lawson

Ed, the webinar last night was invaluable beyond belief.Your internet marketing expertise was most evident.  I’ve been to other Santa schools but yours went well beyond the typical Santa 101 class.  You were definitely functioning at the graduate level! Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.

Santa Lynn Miner

I thought you did a great presentation and once I enlarged you on the monitor it was like I was sitting in the chair across from Santa!! Great topicsthat I needed to know since I am just getting started as Santa. Thanks for inviting me!
Dan Smith

Hi Santa Ed Taylor, I was one of the Lucky one’s got in. I found the information very useful.I even saw areas that I need to work on. Thank you for opening my eyes to some new ideas.
PaPa Santa

Wednesday  2-11-15
Santa Ed Taylor
The Santa Claus Conservatory

Santa Ed,

As an attendee last night of your webinar “18 Free Tips for Improving Your Santa Business in 2015”, which introduced your new nine-class series coming in March, April, and May 2015, I must tell you how impressed I was with both the subject matter and your professionalism and business acumen.

Even though I have owned and operated several businesses for over 40 years; I am looking forward to participating in this series, as the topics you plan to cover provide all the essential tools and information a Santa needs to run a real business. The nine-class series will be of tremendous benefit for anyone who wants to be a better Santa, build his customer base, and develop their very own business of being a Professional Santa.

I also have decades of experience as a Santa, and during such time have attended other Santa schools, classes, and webinars and I can tell you that your webinar tonight introducing your upcoming series, clearly convinced me that you will be offering something that no other Santa course has been able to address so well to date.

If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.  I would invite and encourage anyone “sitting on the fence” and trying to decide to take your course to call me.  I am more than happy to personally recommend your course to any Santa who wishes to see, understand, and achieve the “big picture”. of having a successful and profitable professional Santa business.

Wishing you only the best.
Santa Rick Rosenthal Atlanta, Georgia Cell
(404)   936 – 2888

Santa Ed covered several very important points that I hadn’t thought of and that I will now consider as I move forward in my Santa Business.””
Joe  Brasier

I like the new ideas I received from Santa Ed’s presentation.”
James Gilliam

Santa Ed was being Santa Ed. Great personality with even greater information to help us all.”
Joseph Pridgen

I love the way Santa Ed compresses so much important information into such a compressed time period of time.
Melvin Koch

Informative, easy to listen to, easy to understand, good format.”
Bernie Johnson 

Ed, I thought your webinar was terrific. It provided comprehensive nuts and bolts information not found in other similar webinars I’ve attended.

It will guide my continued Santa professional development for years to come.
Lynn Miner 

Santa Ed,

As you know, we just completed our fourth session of this spring’s nine evenings online. At first I had been debating which Santa School to attend of the many awesome schools. They all meant much travel, and in order to really get the most out of them, to be able to dress like Santa, and also have some experiences to discuss with all of the other Santas.

I am new, just starting out. I have no suit, no whisker set, and no experiences to share. What I needed and found in The Santa Claus Conservatory, was training I could take from my home, in any weather, in the comfort of my office. No nerves or anxiety, or even costume envy to deal with, just good solid, practical information on becoming an extraordinary Santa. Our live webinars are two-way interactive with you and other Santas in attendance and are as much fun as they are informative. I sit with windows notepad open on my desktop, and type notes as we go and even take screen shots of special slides I want to remember for my files.

The fact that we are sent links to videos of all past sessions, makes for great opportunities to review later …. I want every Santa who reads this to know you have never once asked me or the other Santas to post reviews of the webinars. They come back to you because you deliver solid, basic concepts,and data that we all need to get started and to continue successfully in this business of portraying Santa. … After much deliberation and consultation with my wife and friends, I decided on this Santa path for the rest of my days. … I will also attend ‘in person’ schools for fun and further information, but I hope that you continue to have the time and energy to offer Conservatory classes, online, to keep me on the right track for years to come. You build the courses and I will come. And so should every other Santa who wants to be ‘Extraordinary’!

Paul Grant Hillier

Dear Santa Ed
Wow, what a lot of great information in your 9 classes. Being a first year Santa, these courses will help me to become an extraordinary Santa. I know I will not remember everything, but I can do reviews of the classes when needed, and review my notes too. Please keep up the great work.

Santa Michael

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