Con·serv·a·to·ry   /kənˈsərvəˌtôrē/

A conservatory is most often a professional training program with a very narrow focus. The focus might be acting, dance, music, or one of many other things related to the performing arts. 

Students who attend a conservatory receive a very deep education on a narrow area of interest, where a typical college curriculum offers a major but an area of wider study is required to receive a degree.

The Santa Claus Conservatory is the ‘deep dive’ into the world of being a Santa Claus Portrayal Artist.

I’m not talking about the history of Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, those things are easily found on the Internet. I’m talking about the “how to’s” of being an extraordinary Santa, or Mrs. Claus, portrayal artist.

How can you exceed expectations and at various venues like parades & Tree Lighting Ceremonies, company parties & home visits… and for those with special needs, and those in hospital & hospice care.

Being a professional, well trained, Santa or Mrs. Claus can open many doors and opportunities, in addition to the things mentioned above, there is working with photo companies, photo studios, malls, retail stores. There are even opportunities for Santa & Mrs. Claus on TV, in movies, and on social media.

The Santa Claus Conservatory provides our members with an opportunity to learn about and develop the skills necessary to pursue a variety of different work, both paid and volunteer, as Santa or Mrs. Claus.

Lastly, The Santa Claus Conservatory CONSERVES. Hours, dozens & dozens of hours, of Santa & Mrs. Claus wisdom from a wide range of portrayal artists are conserved here and available on-demand to Santa & Mrs. Claus portrayal artists worldwide.

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