Worldwide Santa Claus Summit 2021

FREE to all Santa & Mrs. Claus Portrayal Artists Worldwide


Being Santa for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing – Mike Chapman
Virtual Visits Panel – Santa Duffy & Sparkles, Rich Patsios, Ed Taylor
Storytelling – Rich Lang
Hospital & Make a Wish Visits – Dan Slipetsky
Growing your Entertainment Business – Todd Brauch
Child Awareness/Development Tips – Nicholas Gillotte
General Q & A and Wrap Up


2 thoughts on “Worldwide Santa Claus Summit 2021”

  1. Good Afternoon Santa Ed and fellow Santa’s
    I am a veteran of only 1 season as Santa in 2020 and it was a great privilege to be Santa and I hope to do it for many years, when one of my Australian Colleagues introduced me to the Worldwide Santa Claus Summit, I could not be more excited but I believe your Saturday April 10am is Sunday 3am here in Melbourne Australia. Whilst at my age I tend to need a short walk most mornings around 3am I will struggle to spend some hours logged in. Will I be able to do a catch up of the summit in the days following?
    Santa Neil from Downunder

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